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I literally have hundreds of impressions.....ONLY messages I get are scams...why?

So I have been at this for going on 3 months now. and ive tried rewording my gigs, starting all the way from scratch and just redoing them completely. and I always get the same result. Every single day, at least 3-5 times a day, I get a message from somebody that, by the time I go to answer it (my avg. response rate is an hour or so) when I open the chat up, I get a message saying “this person can no longer be contacted”. If I do get to get in touch with the buyer, its always the same result. one of those I need you to reach me on google hangouts, My company has a big design project, but you have to call me on ■■■■■, etc. WHY?!?! this is so frustrating, Im starting to just give up on fiverr.

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You need to research your competition. There are literally dozens of thousands of people selling what you sell on Fiverr and many, many of them have much superior quality to yours. Your quality isn’t professional. Sorry. It just isn’t.

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Hello dylancarter,
I also checked the gigs you’re offering. I totally agree with Humanissocial, the Gig’s description is too short and it doesn’t illustrate well your job. This is just a constructive critique, in my opinion you should try re-edit your Gig (more detailed, well explained). Another important think for starting here, is to answer to buyer’s requests, maybe you will be lucky. I get my first order in buyer requests. Also here try to respond in a discoursive manner, explaining well the service you offer. Good luck!!!

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thank you for the feedback guys, I know I am a little late responding and I’m sorry for that but I did see it and it is very very appreciated! I would so much rather somebody tell me what IM doing wrong because I can always fix that. (: