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I live in China, so I have Chinese bank Cards, but I cannot use them on

As I said I live in China and I have Chinese Bank cards. The only method for my funds withdrawal is the Bank account one…I have tried to sign up with Payoneer and add a Bank account but, I got stuck at that point where I had to put in my National ID Card Number. Well I am a foreigner in China, I have bank accounts and cards, but obviously not a national identity card, so how can I withdraw my fund?

Using Paypal is not an option for me for certain reasons, so what can I do in this case? It is actually so weird. People from all over the world live in different countries nowadays. Fiverr should also think of that. At least we could write our passport number.

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How you are able to access, you should be blocked by Great Firewall of China from accessing?

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But do you have an ID from another country? Did you try submitting that ID? Does payoneer say it has to be a China ID or they just need ID in general? Maybe they need your foreign ID and more proof that you are living there, a utility bill with your address on it or something maybe? I would contact Payoneer and ask more questions.

And why don’t you want to use paypal is an option for your country and you can use it. If it is a choice between getting your revenues or not, why don’t you want to use paypal?

There are some ways to do direct bank deposits in some countries, did you look into that? However, I am not sure but it may have to go through payoneer, but ask Fiverr about direct deposit and see what info they give you. A few people have talked about this in the forums, maybe search for ‘direct deposit’ and read other threads.

The problem with the part about foreigners living in all different countries is then there is also a lot of scam stuff that can happen.

Same here. they all sucks either Pioneer or Pay Pal. I am a foreigner living in China but I don’t have a Chinese ID number. I tried to open a PayPal account but my passport has an extended date page. But pay pal only can upload 1 photo. So when I upload my passport photo they said it’s expired. Of course, it is because there is no additional page upload. Funny thing is they never reply to my e-mail.