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I lose my 2nd order due to conversation with Buyers


I do not talk with Buyer in a proper way then i lose my 2nd order.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

For newbies in Fiverr, conversation with buyers is everything .
That mistake I do I suggest::pray::pray: all newbies that never do this mistake . Do friendly talk with the buyers .


Thanks @globalculture, I will surely note this to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Highly appreciated. Any other mistakes to avoid as Newbies?


hey friend I am aslo a newbie , I do only this mistake if in future I do any other then i tell you.


Okay. Thanks. In case, I come across a mistake to avoid as well, I will update you.


thanks friend…


I have not enough idea to communicate with buyer’s because I have only 2 jobs completed within 1year 3 months. But I thought that correspondence with buyer’s in not everything it’s only parts of your your earnings. I believed that when your products were best quality then buyer’s will be also help to bought your product s. It would be confirmed to communicate with buyer’s be polite and honestly for your Careers in this forum. Best wishes,


Thanks sir for sharing your experience .


Since you have a link to your gig, I have moved it to “My Fiverr Gigs.”

What did you say to your buyer that was not proper? :thinking:


When buyer send text to me then that time I am stuck in problem that’s why i do not talk with buyer in a proper way. means in serious way .


It is not essential to talk with buyer’s but makes correspondence with him via massage or any way within short time. No matter dear, go ahead!


Are you saying when your buyer sent you a messege you were busy with a problem so you did not talk encouragingly to the buyer so they took their business elsewhere?


I think yeah! :roll_eyes:
I can feel that this is an excuse to not talk to a buyer properly.


may be but i tell my experience


Hey, that must be frustrating. Could you share an idea of what your communication is, an example of your typical conversation, maybe we can help critic that.