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I lose my gig position

I made several improvements for two gigs and I lose my rank. I was on the first page and now I’m in the last.

I change some images, add some pdf, change the prices, the description and improve the meta tags. The truth is my gigs have much better content than they had before. But my numbers will go down a lot, I’ll go from 600 impressions a week to only 50: / and my views and click down much more.
For the last 3 weeks, I only receive messages from the scammers who want my geographical position.

What can I do to recover my numbers?
Is it normal for this to happen?
it is a process?



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Don’t edit your gig until you’re stuck on no orders for 2 weeks. The following stuff below will explain it:

Here is what you will lose when you edit your gig once:

• It will disappear from the search for 1 - 2 days.
• Fewer views than ever first week after editing.
• After it appears on the search, it will be behind other gigs, even if it was in front.

All together in a few words: I recommend you edit your gig only if you are stuck on no orders for more than 2 weeks. Constantly editing a gig makes it loose it’s rank.

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Thank insects44 but what can I do now?Just wait?

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I changed my gigs to generate a better experience for my buyers


Yeah, now wait. If you’re stuck on no orders again, edit.

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