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I lose my Leve one for 1-hour delay delivery!

last evolutions I lost my level one for 1-hour delay delivery but it was not my fault at all, cause my buyer said do not deliver before his review, and I wait for him and he didn’t back, Then I saw I have late one hour then, I deliver the project without His review, but 1-hour late was very bad impactful for my profile, and day by day I lose My on-time delivery ratio and last evolution I have my Level one,


I know you think it’s not your fault but it is.

It is your responsibility as a seller to know how fiverr system works.

You shouldn’t have deliver anything in your messaging system in the first place and then you didn’t have to follow not to deliver when you client asked to.

When your work is ready you have to deliver it with deliver button and then your clients give you their revisions.
If you misuse the system then fiverr can’t protect you.


Thank you very much, for your comment, But at that time I had no idea how does Fiverr system work, and that is why come here to know more about Fiverr, Now I know much more than before!
Thanks again.:heart:

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Huge mistake. People come to Fiverr expecting professional services, so as a seller it’s your responsibility to learn everything about Fiverr and how it works before you provide any service.

The forum is filled with people that have tinfoil hats and believe in all kinds of conspiracies like staying online 24/7 to get orders or constantly harassing random buyers and sellers to get sales. The best source for any information is Fiverr’s own content, be it the FAQs or their support section. I would consider the forum suitable for chatting and talking about some features, but while there are some great people here that will help, there are way more randoms that will give you bad advice without knowing.


Made me chuckle. I’ve been waiting for a flat earth or vaccine microchip topic for a while.


If you need to know how the Fiverr system works read the terms of service and go to Fiverr help center to learn more because you need to know how the system works before providing a service


Don’t worry about it.focus on your next project and remember deliver your project on time next.


Thank you very much for motive me, Yes I already did it, and hope fully I will back My level one next evolution,
Thanks very much❤

Thank you very much for your comment, Yes now every day I am trying to know more about Fiverr terms and services, and day by day I’m trying to skill up my self,

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Welcome brother.Best of luck


Huge mistake. People come to Fiverr expecting professional services,

Thank you very much, for you comments, but it was not problem with professional service, the problem was buyer said didn’t make delivery without his review that is why I was waiting for his response and I didn’t get his response but it was one-hour late when I deliver the project,

Thanks again❤

At the end the day you should have used your initiative, you have a deadline to meet. if the deadline was coming closer and the buyer wasn’t responding at that point I think you should have asked for extension on the delivery that way you won’t have delivered late

If you get late status because of client’s unresponsiveness then before you deliver make a time extend then it will not impact on your on time delivery value.

Or you can discuss the problem with you client and tell him to extend time before you deliver. Remember if you deliver when the order status is late then if client accept the delivery the it will impact on your on time deliver value and if you extend time then it won’t.

Regards :slightly_smiling_face:


Knowing how the platform works is part of delivering professional services :wink:


Thank you very much, for your valuable advice, :heart:

Yes, you are saying right thing, now I can understand I should know that before do late delivery!
Thanks so much!

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How did you get to level one without knowing how fiverr works?


I thought the exact same thing.


Because I was a Hard Worker, with 47 Satisfaction Reviews,
Thank you very much! :heart:

There is a trap for at least 1 late deliver (the first time) so you know how it works.

I delivered on time but was considered late that one time… because I thought I had communicated with the seller (and he didn’t have all the materials ready) and I didn’t know I had to extend the delivery via resolution.