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I lose my valuable time ..?


I recently did a job and handed it out ahead of time, to maintain my status, the client answered a day late asking for a review, I replied by means of resolution center, offering an additional revision with another cost, but the client never responded after the time specified by fiverr, once the time has expired a new time limit appears, and says that if the client does not respond the order will be canceled. What happens in these cases, the designer loses? I invested time in this order and I am willing to solve the client’s needs, but he did not answer.


Sometimes in business things like this happen, I can’t tell what to do, but I know that it will be happening somemore because not all people are serious1


I feel really sorry for you. I am also a seller, but think like this, if you were a client and were not satisfied with the work. What would you do.

I had clients who did not leave me reviews. Some of them asked for revisions after the order had been automatically completed after three days.

But I made revisions, cause client satisfaction means more clients


You’re absolutely right, I also think that customer satisfaction is paramount. I thought there was some way to protect the seller from fiverr, I do not express it as a complaint, but as something that I am barely discovering as an experience on the platform.


Unfortunately it is haci, we still have to learn from experience, and take forecasts, in the face of future events.


There is Support, but buyers are always prioritized


Although I have time on the platform, I have almost no experiences of this kind, thanks for your input,