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I lost 2 levels for NO REASON


I was a level 2 with plenty of orders and 100% feedback. How is it possible that I can lose both levels instantly? I’m so tired of this website having bugs, if that’s what it is.


Mass order cancellations? Told somebody to contact you outside of Fiverr? Run a banned gg?


None of my gigs were removed. No cancellations. I always use the message system on Fiverr.

It would be nice if they provided a reason before they do this.


@russflex I would contact support to find out what the problem is if you are sure its none of the things mentioned above.


Reply to @markp: I did, but I’m sure I won’t hear from them until next week.


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Reply to @vedmak: Taking away levels should be a manual thing, not automated. And why do they have a minimal crew if they are so large? Are they that cheap in hiring more help?

This is an insult to those members who have tried establishing themselves on the website. I’m thinking it’s purely a glitch. Just like the withdrawal bug I delt with a few weeks ago.


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This sounds like it could be my issue. I send out a lot of messages to people who are requesting services and then I refer them to my gig. I thought that was supposed to be a good thing because it helps generate more business for both myself and Fiverr. They really need to stop being so automated because their programmers obviously leave bugs everywhere.


Fiverr has to be a bit more leaniant & understanding with sellers.

Many sellers invest a lot of time building a good reputation and doing much work for a miserable $4, with the hope that one day they will get a lot of Gigs in 1 day.

Removing levels, deleting Gigs and cutting out sellers like this gives a shock to the poor & genuine seller.

I am a level 2 seller, had many sales, and one day a buyer bought 4 gigs in 1 go and cancelled them. He said he bought them in error. To avoid him leaving negative feedback I agreed for mutual cancellation. Result: I was demoted to level 1 and customer support could do nothing.

All that work and sweat, and you loose it all in 2 seconds. Hurts a lot.


Same thing happened to me last week. Actually, I was responding to requests when it happened; I lost both my level 2 and level 1 badges.

Fortunately, I have made enough sales within one week to get my levels back :D.


Reply to @gudwriter: But now I can’t sell multiple quantities or gig extras. Unless somebody wants to keep placing an order over and over again. Did customer service help you at all?


Reply to @love2write4u: I hope a bigger company buys Fiverr and then reorganizes their business structure. They are a complete mess.


I’m sure this is just a glitch in the matrix, hold tight for support to get back to you, I’m sure you’ll get it resolved. :wink:


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russflex said: Did customer service help you at all?
Not at all. They said they could not help. A buyer was fragglesrock off when he realised he could not order 7 gigs at once. It was a hard moment.


Reply to @gudwriter: They got back to me fast this time, but of course their support is worthless. They told me they cannot reinstate the levels manually. I just have to keep getting positive ratings and orders, then it will come back. Don’t they award Top Rated levels manually? But they can’t do level 2 manually? If that’s true then they need to be a little less automated. It is destroying the customer experience.


The thing that Fiverr have to understand is that some sellers really put ALL they have in their gig. For some people this is the only income they can ever get in this bad economical times.

Don’t kill a seller with a good track record of a few months and 100+ sales with 100% feedback who is offering a good service


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lmao, you’re mistaken if anyone thinks fiverr cs gives a fragglesrock about you or your gig. This dude is a legit seller with no reason to lose his status.