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I lost 3 orders, what can I do?

Hello, I am fairly new to this website. About one week in I had three orders but I forgot to check in time and when I did, I could not reply to them anymore. It’s been a month and I’ve had no new jobs since. My response rate apparently is still 100%. Am I now “disliked” by the site’s algorithm or something like that? What can I possibly do to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance!

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what you mean by offer? did you mean orders? if it is buyer request then it is ok

Oh yes this is what I meant, just edited it. So you’re saying that It did not really impact my account negatively?

I still don’t understand what you mean by “orders”.
If you had orders they wouldn’t just disappear because people paid for your service.
If you are talking about messages or buyer requests then you are not obliged to answer on all buyer requests.

I would also strongly recommend you to watch free fiverr learn course on how to be a great seller so you could learn how fiverr platform works.


I will check it out thank you

@qbo_xero_pro So he wrote offers which was correct then you said orders which is wrong and he corrected his post so now it is wrong?

He clearly said he received three offers from buyers who found them thorough search but failed to respond in time.

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May be its not an offer either ? It could be just inquiry…