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I lost $300 USD and no gig due to fault in Fiverr payment system

Hi, I am a customer. I selected an artist and after discussions I decided to go ahead. I entered my credit card details for $150 charge. When proceeded I’ve got an error message. That was it. Ok, I thought, I don’t know what happened, I try again. So I did the process again and I’ve got an error message. After this I stopped and sent a message to support. A few hours later I noticed that the money left my bank account.
I contacted support again. $300 USD missing from my bank account and the artist contacted me and advised me that he did not get order.
Support wrote me that the money did not reach Fiverr.
I called my bank and they told me that until Fiverr releases the money they can’t do anything.
Fiverr wrote back that they can’t do anything but, my money should go back to my bank account in 7 days. They can’t allow the artist to do the job.
10 days later I still don’t have my money back and the system simply cancelled my gig request.
Fiverr told me to make another payment, well I simply do not dare to do it.
You can imagine how unhappy I am and the artist is not jumping with joy either.
What would you do in my case?


We’re all sellers and buyers here (none of the people in the forums are Fiverr staff) and the entire situation sounds frustrating. Is it possible that Fiverr promised the money back within 7 business days and hasn’t yet delivered?

If not, I would (calmly!) write another message about the subject and reference your first email (if you have a confirmation number, etc, for instance). If worse comes to worse, show your correspondence to your bank? I’m not sure :’(

Best of luck.