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I lost $ 367 today (6 order completed > all cancel today)

My sad story.


I worked 10 days for 7 completed orders. Today all cancel.
I know bad buyers have disputed the charge with Paypal.

But the problem is that Fiverr does not protect the seller.
The money was deducted from my account and I have no way to defend myself at all. How is that possible and/or fair? I did the work. It was accepted.

That’s ridiculous!!!


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I also have many experience. But no any protection for seller :frowning:


I have encountered many similar cases. But this time the money was too big. I take too much time.

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Did you actually contacted CS? Or you went straight ahead to the forum?

If not then CS should be the first instance you reach out right away when things like this happen.
Send them all the proof that you completed the job according to your gig description and client was happy. CS looks at each case and they might be able to get your money back even if it will take time, weeks or even a month.
But they are not a mind readers they cant fix your problem when they are unaware of a problem.


Well, I didn’t had any similar case yet, but during research I found that a number of developers who stole client’s payment credential, after they used to hire freelancers. But somehow payment protection services like Paypal & other, investigate such kind of issues & get refund the amount to their customers. I think someone did the same with you & that’s why payment has been refunded. To protect yourself, you have to be active while someone suddenly repeatedly place order with no feedback & also notice the buyer’s date of joining. I hope these are a few tips which can save you in future.


Contact CS, they’ll help you to get your funds back. I’ve had this happen several times (orders have been cancelled/refunded months later for whatever reason) and they’ve given the funds back.


i think fiverr should provide some adventage for seller.


@flyingnetworks Can you please elaborate?


its means when a buyer report on fiverr aginist a seller fiverr don’t judge anything i think this is pair

Nobody reported anyone here. This topic is about chargebacks.

exactly. i said here why chargeback because of the buyer cancel this order. but the seller already work 7 days and he return all money that is order value. so now what the seller got from here??

He can contact fiverr support so they could resolve it. In most cases they do manage to get money back from chargebacks.

Even fiverr can’t do anything about chargebacks because it’s people reversing payment with their bank or PayPal and fiverr has no power of predicting or stoping it.

It looks like you are not aware on how chargebacks works and that fiverr is not a mediator in this and has no decision power.


BlockquoteIt looks like you are not aware on how chargebacks works and that fiverr is not a mediator in this and has no decision power

now i know this they have way to get back money if have considerable reason. thanks

Oh, Sorry about this

Recently buyer also cancel my order said it make was mistake so really there is not any protection for seller

if a buyer place an order mistakenly then write to fiverr CS. they are ready always to solve your prob. it doesn’t affect your order completion rate. priority for both, buyer and seller.


This never happened to me but wow it must suck. I still get scammers from time to time but they are very easy to spot. Protect yourself from fishy people and understand who to work with! It’s crazy that all six orders were cancelled though, that’s absurd.


Is your “Order Completion Rate” also decreased after chargeback?

CS answered me. They are considering.
This is my big lesson. But I have the whole product image of the buyer. I will find this brand.

I have encountered the same case. Fiverr says the buyer account uses stolen cards. Over
This time I have a lot of buyers’ product images.
Branded products. I don’t think they use stolen cards.

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