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⏵⏵⏵ I lost ~60 posslible customers making this mistake ⏴⏴⏴

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share my experience (sad experience) which I had last month - maybe that whould be helpful for some of you who still don’t know Fiverr well enough.

So, the beginning of the July was ultra-productive. It was a month when I started to get about 4 leads/day with a conversion of 40%-50%. You know, I was really glad. My experience have been growing in hours, I’ve been spending all my free time on work and I was completely happy about it. When the “leads” flow seemed to me pretty stable I’ve started thinking on how else can I improve my gig and get even more clients.

You know, I really adore good design and I like to design myself. I want all my gigs to have awesome professional previews and videos - well, I wanted to have everything by rule and line.
At that time I got Level One seller and the idea came up to my mind - “I should desing a new preview for my gigs with a badge Level One Seller on it and it would be a new level for my service” at least I thought I would…

The day I updated the preview was a beginning of a marketing disaster - I got ZERO leads and none people asked about my service. I was still hoping it’s ok - things happen, right? The second and the third day I started to think that it was really something wrong. I checked my gig availability and found out that it’s even not in the Market - means that noone could see my service - I didn’t “exist” for these days.

I immediately started to do something to fix the situation, so I’ve read Fiverr forum and also contact the Support. On Forum I found out that it’s a common problem here on Fiverr - people are scared to update their descriptions and previews only not to get in the same sh*t as I did. It’s pretty dissapointing to find out such things at the moment you thought you found the best freelance platform.

So, after a few more days Contact Support has returned me on the Market. By that time I’ve already lost my drive. I didn’t want to browse Fiverr anymore, knowing there are “digital” dangers which can ruin all my progress in one second. In the result, my conversion dropped down to nothing, I have not got work to do, I was lowered on Market - I have only possible customers which contacted me earlier.

Right now when I’m trying to revitalize my gig and my business - I also found out that the Conversion Rate of my new preview is flat_as_this_symbol. So, I’m returning to the point where I was at the beginning of two previous months, hoping I can get the peak again and continue my development.

Well, the message is - If you have a well converting gig or if you are planning to have it - make sure you filled your gig with the information and it’s complete as much as possible editing it only a few times. You’d better do it until you don’t have a tight customer flow. Than it won’t be such painful to lose your progress when Fiverr “brilliant” algorithm decide to drop you out.

Thank you if you read this till the end and I wish you good luck with your Fiverr business!

Arthur Borsuk
Professional Book Design and Formatting


really painfull journey, same thing happens with me in 2017 and till now i’m not getting a lot of orders as before, no one knows how fiverr algorithm works.

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It’s also good to keep in mind that Fiverr actually does not allow for sellers to use badges or mention levels on their gig images.


Really? Never knew about it… Live and learn…

Actually, I saw hundreds of experienced sellers who didn’t bother about this Conditions and they placed badges on their gigs’ previews…

Reading the ToS and visiting the seller’s home page is actually something all sellers should do regularly.

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Not “should” - they just better to do that.

If others throw themselves down a ravine doesn’t mean you should follow…

Fiverr is cleaning up and nobody knows when their turn will be. Try not to be one of them, it’s not worth the risk :wink:


Thank you for your advice. I will edit my gigs’ previews in no time then :slight_smile:

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Yes, like some people have already pointed out, it is against ToS to use/mention a badge/level on your gig or profile pic…

If you are a particular level, you will automatically get a badge on your profile and it will also be automatically mentioned by Fiverr in the gig listings on the website.

Besides, I am sorry that your gig was removed from the gig listings for several days… However, if people are interested in what you have to offer, they will not go anywhere… They will definitely come back to you. You don’t have to worry about that one single bit… Also, don’t just rely on Fiverr’s listing to boost your clicks/views/conversion rates… It would be nice if you did some social advertising directed toward prospective clients as well (on Fb or Twitter for example).

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Sure, I do promotion of my gig any place I can get :smile: Thank you for your advice though!

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