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I lost all my sales

Well I didn’t sell anything my gig has 15+ reviews all of them are 5.0 and last 2 months nobody contacting me or anything,I am online 24-7 on my phone but nothing.I had to switch to another freelancing site just to keep up.


Please use Buyer Request/Send Offer section. You can get orders by sending offers to buyers in the Buyers Request section. In the start I was too dependent on the Buyers Section because I was getting all of my orders from that section.


Ryan: And I am Ryan AKA Customdrumloops and today me and Adam are flying solo and we’re covering the topic of standing out in the crowd and both of us offer Gigs that are in competitive categories, Adam doing design work, me doing both audio and explainer videos. So let’s jump right into the topic. Adam, I think this is going to be a fun one.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. I mean I think it’s one of the – kind of the biggest challenges a user faces when they first – or a seller faces when they first come on to the site, because they kind of look at it and think, “What can I offer?” There are a thousand other people offering this service. How can I make myself stand out?

Ryan: Right. And I mean the thing I think a lot of people overlook is the fact that because there are so many people offering this, that means there are a lot of buyers looking for that. So there are big opportunities for new sellers to break into that.

Ryan: So today we have Simon who is Fastcopywriter on Fiverr and he’s going to discuss the topic of writing effective content. I know he has some great Gigs where he writes copy, headlines and does things like that. So he’s going to go in-depth at his strategy and what he does and what makes successful copy.

Adam: Great. Welcome to the show Simon. How are you today?

Simon: I’m good. I’ve been doing Fiverr since January 2003 and I decided to call myself “Fastcopywriter” because everybody has always accused me of being fast and they’ve always told me, every job I had, that I work too fast, that I need to slow down. So since I started working on Fiverr, that’s why I picked that name. I deliver everything in three days.

Ryan: You know, Simon, one thing that I noticed about your profile is that your headline is “creativity in three days or less”. Does this speak to the types of things you provide for other people? I mean that’s very concise and clear and to the point. Is that generally what you provide to your buyers or are they looking for a wide range of copy and headlines, things like that?


BR is bullshit,ppl advertise themself and ppl put request there like “I need a 3D Model” “I need photo to be edited” and they don’t know how to explain what they really want.And than other part advertise there gigs -_-

I agree with you that there’s a lot of sellers advertising their service in the BR. But they are like one or two requests and others seeking for services. It’s better than wasting your time waiting for buyers to contact you.

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Personally I’ve found BR to be really helpful, as that’s where my first few orders came from. (I still go there from time to time to see if there’s anything really interesting.) I feel like you just have to ignore the advertising and just go for it. Try asking the buyers some questions about the project in your offer, and sometimes you do get good responses.


This might be happened, even i faced it few month ago, my suggestion be more active than earlier

How can I be more active than 24/7 -_-

You must promote your services.
That’s what I do all day