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I lost an amazing order because of Fiverr's glitch!

Hi people !!

I am a new seller here and I am highly disappointed by the fiverr’s website glitch. A buyer messaged me and though I was offline at that time, it showed me as online and the buyer was in urgent need of service with as much cost as I would have asked.
But due to this glitch of it showing me online while I was offline annoyed the buyer and he didn’t place the order thereafter.

My gig :

I am highly disappointed to lose such a great order !!!

Fiverr should work upon its website and debug the glitch.


How do you know it was showing you online? Are you using auto refresher?

Fiverr doesn’t show you online when you are not using website and actually people have problems otherwise: appearing offline when they are online


But in your other gig don’t you provide 24/7 support? Doesn’t 24/7 support mean you would be available all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


This is what CS has said in the past about how the online status works (with my highlighting):

When you sign into your Fiverr account there is a 15-minute delay before the system will show you as online to other users. This is represented by the status dot on your profile picture in the top right. When it is gray you are offline and green is for online. There is a timeout if your page is idle for some time, this is usually 30-45 minutes.

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Actually, the buyer mentioned that my status was fluctuating continuously between Online and Offline.

Yes, I do and usually my response time is within a few minutes but it was an unavoidable situation that I had to remain offline.

Quite a few of my buyers has claimed that they saw me online when I absolutely couldn’t have been. This thing has been broken for years. Sorry for your potential order.


And you need to enter the fiverr app every 20 minutes to be online.

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I need to be more cautious now onwards.

You didn’t lose any business. If he was in urgent need of a service and you were offline, he wouldn’t have contacted you anyway, so you wouldn’t get his business. The only person who lost anything by the fact that you appeared online when you were not was the client - he lost the time it took him to contact you before moving on to someone who was actually online.


I think this buyer has issues with their gig unrelated to this, but I have often seen buyers who I know to be offline “last seen 20 minutes ago” and then “online” and then “last seen 1 day ago” etc… I really do think there’s a bug causing both to happen :frowning:


Yes, the exact situation I have been facing here on Fiverr and it is really irritating, TBH.

I did lose the order as I came online in about half an hour and the buyer wanted me to make the delivery in 6 hours, which I could have made easily, but by that time the buyer got irritated due to me being “Online( because of the bug)” but not replying to his queries and therefore he placed order with some other seller.
If it had not shown me online in that time window of half hour, I would have surely got the order.

No. If you weren’t “online”, he would have contacted another seller who was online straight away. You would never have received a message from him in the first place. Why do you think he would wait half an hour, or one hour, or 3 (he had no way of knowing when you would come online) just to speak with you? He probably filtered the search results by “online sellers”, so you wouldn’t have even shown up.


yes tou are right its some time bug happen.

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But I did got message somehow and could have got order too, maybe.

I already explained why he wouldn’t. He was looking for something fast. He contacted multiple people. He wouldn’t wait around for anyone to come online. The person to reply first would get the job. Since you were offline, you wouldn’t get it, since somebody else would reply first.

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Alright, got your point.