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I lost my Fiverr ranking

Good day, everyone.

Please, I need help understanding what has happened to my gig. Before this month, I was always on first page of search result for the keyword “explainer script.” In fact, I’m usually between the first 8 results. Due to that, my fiverr stats (clicks, impressions, views) are always high.

Late last month, I had a bad experience with one buyer. He contacted me for the scripts for his business. He had no idea what I should write. After discussing with him, I came up with a plan and we agreed to use that plan for the script writing. After that, I spent almost 48 hours of my life to work on the scripts. After submitting my works, he said he didn’t like the scripts. He then started giving me another idea which means I would have to spend another 48 hours. I didn’t like that development and I cancelled the order since I have other orders I needed to work on. So, basically, that was the only work I cancelled in more than 2 months.

Additionally, I have a repeat buyer who hardly rate most of his orders. He will just leave it to automatically mark as completed. It is not like he didn’t like the work but he just felt it’s not okay rating all the works he order from me.

My question is: can that one cancellation and the lack of many reviews from the other buyer have caused fiverr to derank my gig? Those are the only OFFENCES I know could have caused my lost of ranking for the key phrase. Is there a solution to this deranking?

When I contacted fiverr to know the reason I was deranked, they sent me a generic reply telling me, cancellation, late delivery, ratings are the things they considered for ranking.

I look forward to your replies. Thanks

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Hi Daniel.

Logic says, yes, it can be.

It can, however, also be that this cancellation and your loss of ranking just coincide.

If you frequent, browse or the forum, you’d find scores of sellers mourning their loss of ranking for no good reason, and lots of replies that tell them that

  • spots in search aren’t granted for eternity,
  • Fiverr rotates gigs to give others a chance too,
  • if there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of gigs offering basically the same thing and lots having perfect or good stats too, they need to use something to decide the rank, so if xx people have better stats than you currently, there’s no reason why your gig should be ranked before theirs, even if you only had 1 cancellation in 2 months
  • that your gig may have lost relevance and others offer something better
  • that those in front of you may fare better regarding the private reviews or whatever other invisible criteria
  • etc.

Is there a solution? Well, depends on the underlying reason.
If it is that one cancellation, the good news is that it will fall off your stats in 60 days, the bad news is that it will fall off your stats in 60 days … I’ve had a $120 cancellation staring in my face for 2 whole months, before it finally dropped off (… so now I’m expecting another buyer who won’t read what my gig says and order something I clearly don’t offer and cancel right away any day now :wink: )

Of course, every delivered order should help your completion rate recover step by step, too, and for order completion, the thing that stands against cancellation, it shouldn’t matter if the order gets rates or not.

If the reason is not this cancellation, refer to all those threads/posts mentioned above (there are really plenty of them, including by people whose “gig was on page/row/spot 1” or 5 or 8 or something for years on end, it’s hard to miss them), the solution then possibly is to do as much as you can to entice the algorithm to favour you again, or to wait until it’s your turn again with the “rotation” and you get your spot in the sun back for a while.

Trying to focus on getting and keeping as many as possible regular buyers is also an often-mentioned antidote to algorithm caprice.

Good luck and I’d love to read an update in case you figure out what exactly it is, and if you get your ranking back, and after how long, and how (if you’ll think it was something you actively did versus that cancellation dropping off, time passing, rotation and stuff).


Thanks for your response. I’ve accepted my fate. I remember I had similar experience before though I didn’t bother checking what was wrong that time. My stats started improving again after sometimes. So, I’m expecting the same again this time around. I’ve decided to learn new stuffs while my gig is still far from search results.

I will try to keep this topic posted if/when things start getting better again.


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