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I lost my gig impression

It’s been 6 months since I opened an account … but I haven’t received a complete order yet.How do I get an order? My gig impression has decreased. Please help me.

Your gig may not have a attractive image


I can tell you why, or at least provide some tips. I will try to be gentle.

Look at your thumbnails, for example these two:

Image (1)

Image (2)

Image (1) suffers from barely readable text and poor placement. It also feels overloaded. Right side area is overcrowded and collapses the image. The colors clash and do not produce a homogenous or pleasant feel.

Image (2) again with clashing colors, overcrowding and even worse contrast. Look at the right side area, or just look at the borders in general. I suggest you look into image composition and color combinations.

You need to make them look much cleaner and more structured than they are. And it doesn’t help when you advertize yourself as a “Professional Graphics Designer and Digital Marketer”.