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I lost my gig rank. But I don't know how

Hi there,

About 4-5 days ago my gig was on the first page in 1st - 3rd row. But now I cannot find my gig even on the search.
I don’t know why it is happening. In the past 2 weeks, I don’t have any bad review or cancellation. My gig was performing very well.

I have been working for around 9 years and I really got good skills and experience. I worked on UpWork and Freelancer, But I found Fiverr is far better than them. That’s why I moved to Fiverr. As I already have the experience and good skills so I completed around 64 orders on Fiverr in just only one month (July)

In this case, I didn’t break any TOS. By mistaken I told one client (about 1 month ago) that she did wrong with me by giving me 4 stars. That’s why I am on a warning. Because I forget that TOS rule. Now I am doing good not violating any TOS and Fiverr is really a good marketplace to work with. Whereas I was doing a really good job and my gig was on search but why it just got disappeared?