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I lost my Gig rank (from 1st page to nowhere)

Hi guys,

I have 2 gigs which were both on first 4 placements when you initiated a search. Overnight I lost my rank completely. I can’t even find one of my gigs AT ALL. I have more than 40 reviews on each gig and all of them 5star.

My seller metric is stellar as well.

I have no idea what to do. Customer support is no help - they just said the gigs are active.

I also changed some tags today - but nothing changed.

I would appreciate some help in this matter, since I have no idea what has happened.



Maybe it’s time to up your off-Fiverr marketing?

Have you read this thread yet?


do you have any cancelled order recently?

I had a customer that exploited me through revisions (I think there were 4 of them) the work was stellar from the beginning - but he just didn’t want to pay.

So I contacted customer service to cancel the order. The cancellation is not shown on my metric and the decline started to happen at the 2nd or 3rd revision… I guess that is the case since nothing else happened. How can I rebound from it?

Statistics use a 60 average, so once 60 days have passed since the cancellation, it won’t be a factor any more.

As for what to do in the meantime, if you don’t like the marketing idea, maybe start the research for another gig?


Same thing, after getting 13 orders now my gig is at 6th page from 1st page. No order cancellation, no bad review.
I would appreciate someone’s help in this matter, since I have no idea what to do.

Waqar Asghar

Search Queue is random. this happens permanently and fiverr shuffles through the gigs.


Welcome to the Fiverr forum. If you would like assistance, please create your own thread. You can also use the search bar above to find many threads dealing with the same kind of question.

But now, I’m not getting order. Is there any way to get my gig back on 1st page?

Same, i’m so worried

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I cannot argee with this. I was on the first page for 3 months only shuffled between 1st ten positions on it. I have more than 80 orders and I’m level 2. No idea what happened in the last few days…

gig ranking keep changing and does not have any permanent place on any page…yes I think hey shuffle through gigs !

Many will not really undestand what it means to be thrown to last page. It is really bad and frustrating. Like some have said which I also agree, do more to promote and market your gigs on social media and platforms. That is the best you can do for yourself. It is almost 5 months my gigs has been thrown to last page. My sales has greatly reduced but I am not doing bad, atleast it is manageable.

Hey @cole_legalpro did something happen beforehand when your gig lost rank?

Is now the rank better or is it lingering in the back pages?

I can’t really tell when it went to the last page but when I noticed was after I had 2 reviews of 4.7 and 4.3. The funniest thing was that both buyers tipped me. It was some days after I noticed my gig placement had changed. It is still there at last page but I get new contacts once in a while. Maybe it high time we all started promoting our services to the world ourselves as fiverr as given us a secured platform more like E- company or brand to have and grow our profile which will make any client that comes across our promotion and services feel comfortable to do business with us. May God help us all. Stay safe and hygienic.

Well if I am going to promote my services, I’ll do it on my own terms and own website… why promote Fiverr brand, spend money doing it and pay commission to them. All the while you need to eat everything from the customers serve you and do it with grace…

Luckily this is my side hustle, but still pisses me off that for no reason at all I lost rank. Whereas I understand e-commerce platforms since this is my main job and I know how algorithms in search engines work and what metrics they track (performance, reviews, sales velocity, CTR, etc…) and given this knowledge while maintaining 5star rating on Fiverr nothing makes sense now. It is just stupid, and I’ll probably ditch the platform.

Good luck to you too!


Last year i had 3 cancellations and my gig was sent to the last page for 2 months. Due to past holidays and the spreading virus i had to cancel some orders and my gig was sent to the last page again.

This is what I’ve noticed though. I have days where I’m getting messaged by 15+ people in a 1 hour timeframe & then I’m not getting any inquiries for half the day.

Though rating still comes into play so everyone will have different results.