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I lost my gig rank How can I get my gig rank

Try to change the tags and observe the ranking daily

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If you maintain these important things, Your Gig will definitely Rank

  1. Try to promote your GIG on different Social media and Blog.
  2. Improve your GIG description.
  3. Stay connected on Fiverr Forum and explore posts.
  4. Don’t edit your Gig.
  5. Don’t create your Gig with copy -paste.
  6. Make a unique gig title and description.
  7. Share your gig on various page.


Where? Various page… it’s like saying drink water. I know I have to drink, but what kind?

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Above both points are completely opposite suggestion. How can someone improve GIG description without edit it?


Hi my Friend, Do you back your gig get it

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Yes I appreciate you. It’s more important fact.

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stay more time on fiverr


I am facing the same issue. Anyone help?

active in fiverr & share your gig in social sites.

same , I lost my gig rank and redoes my sell. how to grow this?

How to increase gig ranking?

Share your gig Social media and blog posting

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Do not hijack someone else’s post to post your Gig link and ask for help.

Make your own post in the “Improve My Gig” category of the forum if you want help and critique on your Gig.


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how can i select appropriate tag when do linkedin marketing

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which blog site is best for marketing

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Hello Every one ,
I’m also new in this platform. I want to rank my gig. Almost I try all trick and tips but didn’t get any offer please suggest me what can I do?

Very helpful. Thank you

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Share your gig on social media and stay online and work on fiverr.

Same problem I am facing

Think positive.
Work daily.
Focus on Keywords.
Ignore negative things.