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I Lost My gig ranking and dropped my sale. pls help me, how can i get beck my gig ranking

Hello brother/sister,
Recently i lost my gig rank. why i don’t know, I complete 150+ orders with positive feedback. Now my all gig showing the last page. when i create a new gig then showing 5 page but few hours later showing the last page. How to solve this problem. pls help me


It depends on the Gig your are selling and category itself because of the competition. Anyways, update your Gig description and FAQs more frequently, maybe ajdust price a bit if needed.
Also, our Gigs doesn’t always have to be on the first page, we also have to save and share some space for other sellers. So don’t be greedy because of not being on the first page for a few days. You will get back at some point


I have the same situation.
My gig was always on the top of page 1 for months.

A month ago, after I woke up, its position dropped down to page 15 (the last page).

Well, everything is very bad now:
No sales from new sellers, no messages, etc.

I’m trying to survive with the orders from old buyers.


Same dear, if you get more suggestion. please knock me.

Same thing, Many people have been experiencing this. I heard that few seller told me. it will be 4 month get normal. Mine is 4 month.

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Even all my news gigs are last page. Your experience this as well.

  1. Try to be active as much as possible.
  2. Share your gigs in social media
  3. Try to active on fiverr forum

I don’t find any social media site to share my gigs. I don’t have connections with people :neutral_face:

me also faced same issue . but i didn’t receive a single order :sob:

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use twitter and facebook

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ok thanks dear for reply

Something is definitely not right. I have been selling for a year and all of my gigs were always best-selling in their categories. Around May (When the impression bug appeared) all of my gigs went to the last page and a bunch of other sellers are reporting the same issue. I contacted CS about it but not much has been done. I hope that they can fix it soon so that everything can run as smooth as before.

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