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I lost my gig ranking due to

hi guys,
so 2 days ago due to too much orders i paused my all gigs
after resuming it
now i lost my gig ranking

any idea?

Why did you do this? It is tough to get ranked again. Lots of competition now in fiverr.
One suggestion: Try to be active in fiverr and forum. Send buyer request selecting the gig that lost ranking. Hope that it will work


bro that time i had total 21 orders in pending

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yes thank you
but i have lots permanent client

i learned some something new today
thank you


Fiverr has the “limit orders in queue” feature to solve this exact problem: image

I’d suggest using that to automatically keep your orders at a reasonable level.

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You should never pause your gigs, especially when they are hot.

Same goes for the OOO function.

Instead, place a limit on orders you can take on all gigs.

To answer your question about what to do now, there’s not a lot you can do. Hopefully business will pick up again soon, if it came organically and not via a promotion or shoutout.

Also another piece of advice: if people flooded you with orders at $10, then raise your price by at least $5-$10.

You will get less orders for sure, but will end up making about the same, if not more $.


Why you did pause gig. You are not in competition
so don’t worry. try to active in forum and try to share your gig to your social channel.
Thank you

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You can change your delivery time too.

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If you’re getting that amount of sales, I suggest you to increase your prices a bit. that way you will get less orders but may earn the same as you did before. Or else you may hire someone else to fulfill some of your orders for you. but make sure to guarantee the same delivery quality you offered in the gig, as you’re more senior than me I’m sure you already know these things, Just saying.

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Thank you very much!!!

Try to more time stay online…Best of luck… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Stop saying this.

None of these things improve your rank.

Why do sellers keep making things up in the forum? I don’t get it. Stop regurgitating nonsense other sellers have posted.

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