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I lost my gig ranking

Hi everyone. I’m in great trouble. I lost my gig rank without any reason I get 5-star rating regularly and also no cancel order but from last two days, I discover my gig in the last page from the 1st page I don’t know why it occurred for me. Please help me. What should I do now?


There are lots of people complaining about this concern. But i don’t think that anyone here will have any idea about this. It’s better you contact customer support to have an accurate answer.

meanwhile I’m wondering,

How a trouble can be great. :sweat_smile:

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Did you contact them about this concern ?

My gig also was on the last page for 3 months. Then it was suddenly back one day, and also at the top of recommended gigs which it usually never is. I didn’t do anything, except adjusted my tags and keywords some days before things returned to normal. Could be related, or a coincidence.

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Also, my all gigs went down to last page from page one.
it has been 30 days completed.

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Fiverr CS is not sharing anything.

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Then just don’t think about that concern anymore. If CS doesn’t reveal something, no one will know about that.

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