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I lost my gig with ranking from gig page. What should I do to rank again?

I published more gigs before 1 month ago. Day by day it lost ranking. Now it’s totally lost from the gig page. I need suggestions on How to rank gig

The Gigs are on a continuous rotation on Fiverr, so it shouldn’t be always on the first page. However ever since impressions is down, the full system gone haywire and many sellers, even top rated ones experience that they lost their Gigs somewhere in the void. Hopefully Fiverr will fix it.

However to gain “rank”, you should have more sales. To get more sales, check Buyer’s Request and apply for certain jobs there. Basically its that easy. But once again, until impression is not fixed by Fiverr, that might also affect your rating as the lack of that feature basically stopped Gig rotation, at least that’s what sellers experience lately.


I appreciate for significant information. :heart_eyes:

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Try to continuously share your gig on different platform that can help you to grow

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Thanks, I’m trying this way. Confident that, it will be helpful. :heart_eyes:

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