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I lost my green signal which show you are online anyone can help?

Hii… every one i need help how to get out of this problem iam online but the green signal which indicate that you are online is not on .can you help me to solved out this problem thanks

just reload your tab

i do even i log out and then log in .after 2 or 3 minutes its again go offline :frowning:

There is a option on Android app please check

May be its a bug

Use Auto-refresher from chrome store :smiley: It will automatically refresh your webpage.

Have you tried installing the fiverr app?

Did you check to see if you haven’t disabled your online status?

I have the same problem!
I’m online only If I use Fiverr app.
Is this some kind of bug?

Ask Customer support for help :slight_smile:

go to setting and then change the setting of status

Its my problem also . I tried all of the way , but not working

I too have this missing green light so I asked customer support about it and they said that everyone has this problem now and they are working on fixing it.

yup may be

yup all right no idea :S

thanks for help

Hmmm May be it is bug wait when they fix it .

My green light is back on April 15.

also mine but it play hide and seek :stuck_out_tongue: