I lost my level 1 badge due to 1 cancellation of order



I have 100% positive rating and I completed 18 orders . Unfortunately my last delivery is not accepted by the buyer.

I don’t force him to make that accepted as I believe I did something wrong unfortunately.

After that I lose my level 1 badge, would anyone else also face that issue. It really hurt me. As I am trying my best to achieve level 2 but at a sudden . .

By the way I love fiverr and fiverr community.


Reply to @mubasharmehmood: You’re welcome.


I really believe that there needs to be a system in place where a mutual cancellation does not effect your profile, or statistics in any negative way. I’ve had an issue where several buyers have bought my gigs, and thought they were something else, or did not provide me with sufficient enough details and asked for a mutual cancellation.


I guess this policy is good for fiverr. As it is not consider good to give back the money to the buyer.

But Yes, It ruined my hard work. Just 1 cancellation and you are fired from level 1 ( haha ).


You said this: "I believe I did something wrong unfortunately. "

So what did you do wrong? What kind of gig was it and what was the problem?


Actually what I deliver to the client was not acceptable by him.

I make an assignment for him. Documentation.

The last part of the documentation went wrong.

Client pointed out my mistake but it was too late as the last date for the submission has gone for him and its no use to correct that.

( huhh a long story that was ).


@kjblynx I request the Customer Support and they said I can recover that by some sales and low cancellation rate.


Reply to @mubasharmehmood: you made an “assignment”? Are you saying that you helped a student and did their homework for them? That could be an issue . BEcause most jobs even if the job is complete you can still do a modification for the client.


Reply to @mubasharmehmood: well, that is good to know.


Reply to @wiseman05: Technically mutual cancellations do not normally cause issues for sellers unless they are incredibly excessive.

This is directly from Fiverr: "Unanswered cancellations will affect the sellers’ cancellation rate. If the buyer accepts a sellers cancellation request, their cancellation rate will not be affected."

A seller would definitely not normally lose a level badge over a single mutual cancellation.


Reply to @mubasharmehmood: It sounds like this wasn’t a mutual cancellation, honestly, since the story doesn’t line up quite right. Mutual is when you offer to cancel and refund the money and the buyer accepts. If Customer Support recommended that you have a lower cancellation rate, you wouldn’t have lost the badge over one cancellation. The good news is, as @sincere18 said, you can recover your badge with some hard work and more caution.


Hello, I got several cancellation request yet and i don’t think so that level badge effect just because of cancellation ratio. Contact support & discuss everything with them. They will definitely take your level back on one.


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I think your cancellation is not mutual cancellation. Anyway leave it that is gone already. Just keep going and deliver some more order successfully and maintain positive rating you will promoted again to Level 1 and more. Best of luck.


If someone cancels, something went wrong somewhere, either buyer or seller. What you should do is contact customer support…