I lost my level 1 badge :-(


Hey, I lost my level 1 badge due to violation of fiverr terms and conditions…

So, I want to know Will I get my extras after I am again promoted to Level 1, or do I have to again add extras to all my gigs.

One more thing I want to know: I have completed good orders till now, So will I be promoted to Directly Level 2 or they will promote me first to Level 1 and then Level 2…


Not even the wisest of us know for sure what will be the case in the future, as Fiverr changes over time.

Your gig extras most likely are still there and in tact.

I had a drop of all levels based on some glitch. When I got my levels back, in like a day, all my extras were in tact. I do believe I had to check the box to make them display again.


@anarchofighter thank you


I am sorry this has happened and if you persevere, stay within the lines of TOS you will get your Level back and move back up the ladder. Good luck to you


i actually used the word pay in conversations…

and at that time i was on mobile,so i did not got that javascript popup message which comes while we are on pc. It happened accidentally.


Wait, did you use the word BUT NOT actually “try” to circumvent fiverr?

For example, one could say… "Now the most important thing to pay attention to is…"

And that’s not even “about” payment.

If it was a reasonable use, you can contact CS and get your level back…after they investigate, if it was a full on breach of TOS they will have you wait.


Does that mean if you use those words the system will automatically tag you for TOS breach?


Not even the wisest of us can say. But I’ve sure gone to changing them and picking different words any and every time.


Reply to @anarchofighter: I lost level 2, how many time to get back my extras? thx


Can anyone help me to get my level back? Actually I want to know how much time or order I have to complete to get this back…My feedback is 100% excellent and Completed approximately 30 order after got warning


Reply to @kjblynx: I provide Web development services. Would You Please Suggest me?

My client deny to order when he has to order 10 or 20 gigs without gig extra for one Job


I lost my both Level 1 & 2 badge due to my studies.