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I lost my level 1 badge

This is very painful after getting level 1 badge then lost it. i have tried to stay on this but unfortunately not getting an order … waiting for getting back this


Please, don’t upset brother. :blush: :slightly_smiling_face: Good wishes to you. :gift_heart:

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Bad luck, keep going, you will get it back! :rocket:

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Best wishes for you and hope you will get back soon.

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try hard and make confidence

Never lose the hope. Keep trying and hardworking.

Wish you to achieve your goals soon.

Sorry to hear hard time don’t worry keep trying one-day you will achieve top rated.

Hope you will get back

It happens. I got my level 1 badge and lost it withing 6 days only. But no worries keep your spirits high. You will get it again.

Hope you will get back !
Why are you creating so many gigs ? I think this distracts the customer and indicates a lack of professionalism.

Please don’t upset bro. I hope you will success very soon :heart_eyes: