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I lost my level 1(

one client out of 13 left a rating of 4.3 stars, although was happy with everything and I lost the first level. how can i avoid such things. all is well and fine, says that he will order more and leaves such an estimate - very offensive, especially since this affects the rating so much …

and another question - if the rating rises and I meet all the conditions, then immediately get the second level or again just the first?


You can ask them if it was a mistake. I’ve had clients leave less than 5 stars by mistake as well. It’s very easy to do on the app.

If he’s completely willing, he can also change his review.


he did not answer me. in support of written, too…still did not answer

Wow, I didn’t know that ratings can be put in decimals. 4.3 stars that’s weird. I was of the notion that stars are whole numbers ranging from 1 to 5.


can, if the arithmetic mean is calculated))

Yeah, I’ve received 4.7 stars and 4.4 stars because there are three categories.

In that case, I’m not sure there is much you can do.


just because of one such evaluation, my overall ration was 4.7 - unfair ((


That’s kind of how number averages work. I wouldn’t say it’s unfair, although it is unfortunate.


Okay. That’s true. Combining the three ratings as a whole. I had no idea they were judged separately. Thanks for the info.


unfair, because everything he liked, the work was done on time and with all the corrections, I was always in touch.
there is also a human factor - there are people who simply never put 5 stars. but why one such should influence my rating, when the work is done perfectly, I do not understand.

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It always amazes me how averages works. From your first post you stated only one out of 13 individuals rated 4.3 stars and that was enough to make you lose your Level 1 status. That’s surprising.

I mean, that’s how math works.

It’s unfair that the buyer marked it wrong, maybe. But it’s not wrong that one rating can drag you down. That’s just averages.

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That’s just averages. but because of one evaluation.
all the rest I have 5 stars

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If you’ve had 12 clients leave a 5 star rating and 1 a 4.3, this would be a total of 64.3 stars out of a possible 65.

In terms of average, that would be 64.30 / 13 = 4.94. Unless other orders have rated you lower, your rating should be 4.9 and your account shouldn’t be demoted.


That’s surprising and it is sad

That’s true. Of course, people like that exist. Just the same way, some lecturers don’t give full marks no matter how excellent the work may seem. It’s unfortunate, but we just have to make do with it.

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I also counted and wrote in support - we’ll see what they answer

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strange that in this same order was written 4.5 stars and there are 12 to 5 stars. I do not understand how they feel!

is that how it is?