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I lost my level 1(

You can contact the buyer and ask him/her maybe was a mistake, or maybe you can make something for free or with discount for 5 stars.


I don’t think that’s allowed.

They already contacted the buyer, and they didn’t respond.

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You have only 36% rated orders? That is not a good sign. Tell your buyers to let reviews and feedback!

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You can contact the buyer and ask him everything…

This is assuming all the orders happened in the last 60 days :slight_smile: She has only 2 rating in the last 60 days.
14.3 / 3 = 4.76


that’s good :wink: try to improve

True, I assumed she was talking last 60 days when the totals were provided.

This may violate the TOS and you may get a warning to your account.
Also, I know of case that after a seller asking the buyer to change the review from 4-star to 5-star, the buyer was angry and he changed it to 1 star.
While I think that the 4.8 rating should be changed to something more reasonable, say, 4.5, you shouldn’t intervene buyer’s experience - unless they mistake 1 start with 5 star.


I think that if it was a mistake then it’s not so unfair to ask them to change it–for example, if they said “Perfect work” or something and left a less than five star review.

As long as it wasn’t that they didn’t like your work and you harassed them, it should be fine.

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From the rating he left, I don’t think it’s a mistake. Clearly he was happy with the seller’s communication but the service may leave something to be desired; that’s why he took off 1 star.
In some cases, some buyers have their own standard - in which there’s nothing perfect. A 4 star is the highest rating they will rate. Recently I had a 4-star review; the buyer said he and his team were extremely happy and he event gave a tip. Still, it’s 4-star for everything despite my communication was perfect and I did my best to provide my service.


Yeah, it just seems like a strange rating when the buyer says that he’ll be happy to buy again. I’ve had buyers make mistakes on that front before, so I’m not completely surprised by that.

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It’s really unfortunate. They don’t know what will be the affect of it. But u need to communicate to client for withdrawal review.

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If the conversation was great with that buyer, and you give him a discount on the next order, i don’t know how this would be a problem?! You make him a favor and he gives you a favor back.

I think I see the problem. With the exception of the latest 2 reviews, the rest are all over 3 months old. You only have 2 reviews that would have been counted in the last 60 day cycle for evaluation. One at 5 stars and one at 4.3, so this makes sense.

5+4.3 = 9.3 / 2 equals 4.65

On your analytics page, fiverr has actually rounded the 4.65 up to a 4.7


No but there are 3 categories for five stars.
As you can see in the screenshot.
Since he rated her four stars for two categories, that’s a total of 15 stars (5 stars times 3 categories) -2 stars(because he rated here four stars in 2 categories…
Which is 13/15= 0.866666666666.
You then multiply this number by five to take the average and you get 4.333333 or 4.3

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thank you all, I agree that the buyer can give any estimate, but such an event as this one should not so affect the rating. if the work is done qualitatively and well - why do I lose the level? it seems to me that the site policy should take into account such situations.

That seems good in theory, but how would one put that into practice? Would CS have to review every review to make sure it was given accurately?

Unfortunately sometimes we just have to deal.

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I lost my level one due to delivery rate which was caused by revision so sad. Also it has affected my gig ranking from last row first page to no where meaning NO ORDERS!

Why are you relying on only the Buyers Request section for all of your sales? If you aren’t obtaining sales on Fiverr, then maybe you need to bet busy learning how to market off of Fiverr. You have complete control over the success of your gigs. It is not Fiverr’s fault if you have no orders.


I totally agree! although I’m not advertised anywhere and I do not know where it can be done, but buyers find me somehow and then come back more than once.
while enough, because I do not plan to work here full time at this stage.
and by the time I want, I hope I will already have a top rating))

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