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I lost my level 2 badge because buyers place order and then cancel it saying that they accidently placed the order


Hey Fellows!!!

I hope You all are fine and doing great.

I have done alot of effort and i earned level 2 badge but few buyers place order directly.
some wanted so much work and dont wanted to pay me more than 10$ and some said they have accidently placed the order and want to cancel it.

You can see that i clearly written “contact before placing order” below price

but still they place order and cancel it.

and due to this i am suffering.
I lost my level 2 badge and also my gig analytics are dropping.

I contacted Customer support but they have not replied me . it’s been 24 days and yet not got any response from them.

Please suggest me what to do.
how to stop them!!! Or how to cancel order so i dont loose rating.

thanks in advance
hoping for helpful advice…


So sorry to hear this. Next time contact CS and allow them make the cancellation. It won’t affect your stats then.


It’s just my opinion: but to be honest you’d better to describe what’s included in the basic package rather than “contact me” because people just wouldn’t see what’s included and expect whatever they want to be in that package. It’s also will be difficult to justify it with customer support for cancellation if you don’t have a specific description and requirements set for basic package


@mariashtelle1 is right in what she says, but I would also add that buyers do not have to contact you before placing an order. This is not how Fiverr has been designed.

While I agree it can be very useful for a prospective buyer and seller to have a conversation about a job, at the end of the day - a buyer can order a gig without any conversation having taken place.

If your gig description / package is well written and clear then there are unlikely to be any problems. But if your description is minimal or non-existent (as in your example) then you are inviting problems.

You are blaming the buyer. But I would say you have to accept a lot the responsibility here for offering a poorly worded gig / package.


Like 3-4 months ago. I talked with Fiverr CS team. Because alot of people ordered me without contacting me. so
They suggested me this idea.
else i had very well written package description…

They dont reply.

Like i dont wanna cancel without customer support but when order due date reach.
buyer can cancel order directly.

so i end up getting order cancelled from buyer…
anyways thanks.

I changed to this because of getting so much direct orders which result in cancellation.
customer support agent told me to do this.

and its been 3-4 months. and i aint got any issue.

as scope of my work cannot be defined in 1 liner sentence maybe