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I lost my level one seller badge

i lost my level one seller badge after this suddenly all my gigs come on last page on last line i do every thing from last two month all gigs stuck even new gig also through on last page.i share on social media i get orders and positive feedback from old clients but all in vain.gigs still now i am again eligible for level one on this 15 is after this my gigs move and rank or my gigs never moves.please tell me i lost all hope


How this can be Happened? Fiverr evaluation date is 15 Mid of every Month.

Don`t Lose Hope Dear. Stay Motivated and Keep Working

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thank you.but my all gigs on last page.everything is 100%

This is Some critical issues for any seller. Keep Working Try to deliver Some Big order your gig will be Rank

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i lost badge.i not work for some days bcz of a tragidy.from till my all gigs on last page

on this 15 all requirements are 100% so insha Allah get back it help me

All right. Just Stay Online and complete Your Buyer request it`s Your Gigs will be staring rank.


Believe in ALLAH. Every Thing will be Fine For You.

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i am 24 hours online and send request daily from last 3 months regularly.but all of 7 gigs not move one step .in which two from them are on 1st page

insha Allah…

Stay Motivated and You Keep Working…

is it affect if i get level on again

Social proof (how many reviews you have) is more important than the badge level. My level one badge will returned to me this month.

don’t worry you proof your self again :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Don’t Lost your hope. You can again Gain level 1 seller


Don’t worry you will back your badge.

my question is when i get my badge back .than my gigs again get some ranking?and insha Allah i get my badge back this 15 january

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Don’t Loss Your Hope. Work Hard And You Will Get Your Badge Again

me too. Now i am level one seller. Next evaluation i will be a new seller. :pensive: :pensive: