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I Lost my money!

Hello everyone , Yesterday i try to withdraw my money , it was 44$ , i chose paypal methode to connect my paypal account , after that i accept the verification from my phone also from email , but it said to me that there is erreur from mail , and today i check my account i find my money withdraw , i didn’t know even my money where sended??! how that can hapened and my Fiverr account not connected to paypal ?? please help me i need to get back my money !! what can i do !! …thanks


Hello, you will need to contact customer support and ask them what happened.


Hi, No worries your money is in safe just contact support and they will solve your issue .

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I m realy sad :’( fiverr%20problem1

what this is mean??

It sounds like you sent your money to the wrong email address.

Hope that bro , thank you a lote , i m new and i need this money realy , hope that will be solved

How that can be happen? i Didn’t give the ok to the paypal account!!! , it’s not logic to send money without my ok

You should contact paypal support as your transaction was dealt with paypal.

i even not know the email that withdraw to it , and i m not connected to anny paypal account with Fiverr

Then tell fiverr they might help you.

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ok Thank you , i hope that they will resolve the problem

And also try going to paypal websit and from there try to email them your problem. They will definitely listen to you and prey you account hasn’t been hacked.

I was wrong bro , i no know how that hapened but i find my money withdraw to my payoneer account , i didn’t give the ok for that , but this hapened , it beter then to lose my money , thanks For all <3 <3


Its good you found your money. This happens some times.

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Great news. You found your money :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:. Best of luck

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Its a good thing you found your money :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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