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I lost my money

Today I lost my money for three of my order ordered by order cancelled by customer support…

Atleast the customer support should mention why the order was cancelled…

Where is the Audit record? How can you cancel… Without a reason…And I have lost my money in getting service for the customer

How does fiverr refund my money?


I think they are just arbitrarily cancelling orders now if a customer sends in any kind of issue. I had 4 cancelled, and none of them should have been.

but the customer or the fiverr CC is had not told any issues… So what is the issue?

You will get this message if:

  • The buyer cancels the order through customer support. For example, by claiming you didn’t do a good job and won’t change or refund - so they ask them. If their sob story is good enough, CS might do it.
  • Credit card was stolen or charge revoked - their account is also blocked
  • Paypal dispute started to get their money back - their account is also blocked

    There’s not much to do about this, other than hoping it doesn’t happen too often.

Waiting get my pending money from other gigs and leave fiverr for ever