I lost my original account


I accidentally created a new account, alborowski189, and lost all of what I have done on Fiverr for years.

I thought I was accessing my account when all of a sudden I became a new account and can’t get info I need.

I am trying to connect with ********** who created an e-book cover for me. I need them to create a seven new covers based on the original but do not know how to connect with them.

Can I please get me original account back?

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The people here on the Forum are buyers and sellers and can not help you with your issues. You will need to contact customer service.


How does something like this happen without entering another dimension? :white_circle:


The option for contacting Customer Support is a bit clicky to get to, probably so that people might find an answer to their question in the Help Center and don’t have to contact them, after all.

Click your Profile picture > click “Help” > scroll to + click “Buyer Help Center” > scroll to + click “Contact us”, there you can send a ticket to support.

If you explain to them how you accidentally created that new account (I believe it does happen to some people when they think they can use the “login via FB/Google” button to log into their account which creates a new account though if they happen to be logged into that application under a different username), they can probably give you your old account back if you still know your login data, and close the new one, respectively disassociate the unwanted account from your FB or Google ID (if that is the cause of the accident), so you can simply log in with your original account again (if you know the login).

If you forgot your original username and password, it might be more complicated, but support will be able to help you probably.


This is amazing! Suddenly you have inadvertently, simply by logging in with google, not only created a new account but also get banned? It’s incredible to contemplate.


I don’t think the chances to get banned for a simple accident are that high since you’d notice, like OP did, that you created a new account inadvertently, and most probably won’t use it (especially as a seller, seeing that you don’t have any gigs and reviews, etc. on that new account) but explain it to support.

When you don’t use that new account (other than to write a ticket to tell them of your mishap perhaps, or you could use the old account for that too if you still have access) but explain the situation to support, I don’t think it’s likely you’d get banned, it’s clear to see that there was no intent in creating a new account to circumvent ToS in such a case.


I don’t buy it. People do not “accidentally” create new accounts. Creating a new account is an intentional and multi-step process. You knew what you were doing when you made a second account, and, I would guess, you are using the “I didn’t know what I was doing” as an excuse. Fiverr caught you breaking the rules, and deleted the old account. In the future, please be aware of the rules… and don’t break them.

You can always explain the situation to Fiverr, although, since it is not possible to “accidentally” create an account (and you’re going to have a hard time convincing Fiverr that you did), Fiverr is not likely to give you back your original account. There are consequences to intentionally breaking the rules – and losing your account is one of them.


If it’s true that by logging in with google you can without realizing it create a new account and get banned people should be warned! :warning: This is extremely serious.


I am a buyer and want to buy more services. If I can find a way to find the illusive Customer service, I would be happy to.


Google, FaceBook, and Twitter are all in another dimension. Even Captain Kirk would not venture to cross them.


That would explain a lot of strange things.


Here is the link: http://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new for Customer Support.


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