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I lost my seller level!


Fiverr send me there 2nd warning and lost my level one. Anyone help me?


You can contact Fiverr help ( I hope you will accurately help from Fiverr.


Did you got warning for partial delivery ?.


Are you know how much warning for disabled an account?


One warning can disable an account .But sometimes 3 warnings disable the account .Do not count the warning just work properly …And imagine this is a game and you have only one life…

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Why not avoiding violations of TOS instead of asking how many more warning you can get.


No one can help you on this forum. Only Fiverr Support can help you but I highly doubt that they will give you back your level after you violated rules second time.

Please read terms of service otherwise very likely they will ban your account next time.


Fiverr already send me there 2nd warning.

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This is the last warning and now the time to work properly … Try to avoid of getting warning otherwise your account will disable…

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Thanks for your help.


Thanks everybody for your help…


That is not help that is truth …Just given you the information . I have got 4 warnings … Two for violation and two for TOS warning :rofl: .Now think about my situation … I think your situation is better than me …Just Be serious …And read the TOS properly.

And in my case I read the TOS 3 times in a week … :joy:


You won’t get your level back I’m sure.
I’ve got 2 warnings too and I’m still not sure I really did mistakes.
The first one was because I had a buyer who was totally new at Fiverr things. He wanted a revision and I asked him to make it official using revision request and I got a warning because “manipulating the reviews”.
The second one was because I had a buyer who had a larger file than 1GB so she couldn’t send it to me via Fiverr and she had it also on her Google Drive so I had to give her my email in order to finish the order so I got my second warning because of it.

I tried to explain both to CS and I received only canned responses about TOS.