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I lost my username and password in my account

i have created my account in 2014 i need my fiver account back Creativeone this is my account name

  1. You shouldn’t have really created a new account (just to post on the forum or submit a ticket to CS) as it is not only against Fiverr’s Terms of Service but it is also something forum users cannot help you with.

  2. Since you nevertheless went ahead (violated the ToS) and created a new account, I am not sure if Fiverr will let you use your old account or your new account.

  3. In any case, you could contact Fiverr’s customer support at and tell them that you have forgotten your password. They will then tell you to answer your security question to prove your identity. Do not forget to tell them about this new account.

Good luck! :sunny:


Please contact with fiverr support team, they will help you to recover your account.