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I Love Fiverr! Random Post

I’m going to sound like a complete fan girl, but I really am enjoying my first two months of selling on Fiverr. I’m not getting rich, but I’m gaining so much experience making things for other people. I started selling here because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I was used to creating digital products for my website, but not for other people, so I’m learning how to take direction and how to decipher client speak (“happy with a touch of whimsy”). I’ve met some awesome creative entrepreneurs and good people. I’m seriously considering ditching my behavioral science major and going to design school.

Anyway, thanks for listening, sorry this was kind of random. I’m home alone today with no one to talk to. So, do you like Fiverr?

Take care everyone!

I think negative feelings would creep in as time goes by.The more you start earning, the 20% percent commission would start looking like a lot, despite the fact that they actually might deserve it, owing to their marketing efforts, website maintenance etc.And yes, i do like Fiverr.

I like Fiverr too! I’m finally getting paid to do something I actually love doing (editing videos)! Not making enough to quit my day job just yet but I’m hoping to get there eventually!

I love Fiverr! I’ve been here almost a year and it’s been 99% positive the whole time for me. I think Fiverr just keeps improving too, which I appreciate.

And like you, @grafficalmust and @hanashivoice, I love what I’m doing. I’ve never enjoyed work more than I enjoy my editing work. I feel like I’ve found my perfect fit job, and the fact that I can work from home and keep a flexible schedule is awesome. I’m finally using the English degree I earned 23 years ago! (My grandma up in heaven is happy :). )

Hey there! I like Fiverr too. Although glitchy at times, they try to fix asap and I enjoy the platform more than other (similar sites).

Best of luck on your future endeavors here!! :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: That is awesome, congrats! I would love to earn at least a part time income as a stay at home mom, right now I’m selling digital products on Etsy and my website and it brings in a little cash. I’m saving my fiverr funds for a pretty new coach purse.

Reply to @hanashivoice: Yeah, it’s pretty cool getting paid for doing something I’d do in my spare time anyway.

Reply to @fawhash: I’m looking forward to Fiverr rolling out the higher starting price points for everyone. I’d feel kind of bad charging a higher price for what I do because I’m not a pro, but some people ask for a lot of work for $5.00. I don’t mind doing the work, but I’d like it if I got a little bit more money for the time I put into each customer.

Reply to @grafficalmuse: I’ve been a SAHM for 18 years and yes, the internet makes earning money from home possible! Fiverr has been the “luckiest” for me so far. Etsy is also a great site and I wish you luck with it all. Enjoy the purse!