I Love Fiverr this is what i experienced... Check this out on how to get the best from Fiverr


The ABSOLUTE BEST THING ANYONE CAN DO is to get out as fast as you can. Everyone leave Fiverr. Take their money away from them by not participating in the worse website that has ever been created for people who are trying their best to make a living in this world. I have had nothing but problems with them. I have wasted so much of my time it is unreal. What Fiverr needs to realize is that WE ARE #1. The buyers and the sellers. Fiverr is only here to make our lives better. This is about>>>>>>> US <<<<>>>>THEM. WHo do you think you are Fiverr. You are not so high that you cannot be touched. I tell you what I am going to do. I play the lottery every week. When I win, I will personally come back on here and give people money to leave Fiverr and not come back. I would Love to meet your CEO and your website designers and the people who actually keep this going the way it is. You know nothing of website productivity and what a website is based upon. When you type in your description… You don’t even have word wrap. It looks like it was made by a 2 year old. Word wrap came out in the 1950’s. Just in case you have not noticed it is 2013. This looks like a website that was created in 1996 with basic html. I’m through with you!!!




Holy cow! What happened?

I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and I get along just fine without “word wrap”.

I’ve met the CEO, his partner, many of the support staff and quite a few of the real people who are the buyers and sellers, and not one of them has ever complained or even mentioned “word wrap”.

Why is word wrap such a hot topic with you?

I’m just a dumb voice over guy and I can create a gig, upload photos, videos, test and tweak my tags and actually get and fill orders… and maintain a 100% rating.

If I can do it, a smart guy like you should be able work around whatever ills you think Fiverr’s design has.

I’ll probably still be here when you win the lottery, so please remember my Fiverr name.

Good luck to you.


@spiritawahart Maybe you should buy Fiverr with the lottery money, and proceed to give people what they want: WORD WRAP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, maybe we could help you with your frustration if you told us what happened.

I’m pretty sure your level/ratings/number of sales would not multiply by the hundreds if Fiverr changed anything in their code/design.



Thanks voiceover… I woke up this morning and an ad on YT came up with fiverr in it, so I got the idea to come on here. Voiceover, I am glad you have had good experiences with Fiverr. And you too MadMoo.

The “big thing” is not just about word wrap. That is just one thing. The thing about word wrapping is that when a person describes their gig on their gig page it is hard to read and looks very unprofessional to me. This is not the only thing about this website. There is much more. Just take a look at it. Frank, how ya doin buddy… It’s not the level/rating/number of sales that I am getting. I have not sold a single thing on here. I am completely new to Fiverr. Let me ask about any problems you have had with just trying to get a gig on Fiverr. This is one of the problems I have had. In the heading of the gig, it states… “I will” then you type your basic words describing what you will do. I type my gig making sure I keep under 80 letters and do all the punctuation and when I am all done I cannot proceed because of errors in the title that says I am using to many letters or the script is wrong. Pictures do not upload. They are clear and within guidelines. The first gig I was actually able to place was about creating a video for people who wanted to surprise a loved one with a wedding proposal, surprise birthday, a video for surprising a loved just to tell them how special they are to them… etc. I left Fiverr and did some other work and then came back to check out where my gig was an all that. My video had been cancelled, but no email to me as to why.

So… that being said, if you know of tips on using Fiverr, great… would Love to hear them.


Forgot something… Not that it is all that important to anyone else but me, but the thing for me is… I am really looking to do what I want to do with my time here on this planet. It is my belief that we all are only able to live and perform well when we are doing our own 'unique purpose" … what gives us joy on a level of pure Love and fulfillment and when I had spent all that time trying to make this work and to create some good things for myself, my daughter, my clients, I take it to a level that its pointless. So, that being said… I guess it’s a good thing to have a place to “Rant”… ; )


Thanks Madmoo… and yes I did try to contact support, wouldn’t go thru. : )

Anyway, what can a person on average, and I totally get that there are a lot of variables with any kind of online business or any business at all. What can a person basically expect in terms of making money on Fiverr, let’s say per month. I know it depends on what type of gigs, how many, service to the customer, cancellations, etc. Would it be feasible to say that a person can get 25 gigs per month? Thanks…


Reply to @spiritawahart: I play the lottery every week. When I win, I will personally come back on here and give people money to leave Fiverr and not come back. -

my fee is $10,000 and I will never come back;) lets do this

or you could pay me $100 and I will leave for a day :slight_smile:


Matt, don’t sell yourself short!

Next, if someone plays the lottery every “week” that just shows they don’t understand maths. :slight_smile: Not that they will be a winner.


Matt… I have no problem keeping my word… : ) I don’t make off the wall comments I do not mean. LOL to some that comment about the money is very much “off the wall”.

For me… money doesn’t mean the same as it does to many people I have met in my lfe. I would Love to be a philanthropist. I met this woman in Vegas who was homeless, but she could sing like Whitney Houston and play the guitar like Eddie Van Halen. And she was only 19. Absolute true story. I met her on one of the walkways between casinos and when I heard her play and sing I almost started shedding some tears, she was that incredible. Kind of like Rion Paige on the X-factor when she sings… I won’t let go. I would have set her up with all she needed, right then right there. Apt. clothes, recording studio, food, car… etc… etc…

And I already know that some people are suppose to be homeless and doing their purpose for whatever reason. Anyway…

Thanks MadMoo… Great info… I appreciate it very much… : )


if someone plays the lottery every “week” that just shows they don’t understand maths -

I get the math… not maths… anarcho… That is precisely why I play every week… lmao

The odds go in my favor… period.


MadMoo… $1200 to $1500 a month…??? Of course, I would do Fiverr for that. That would give me so much freedom to be at home with my daughter and be there for her as well as to make an income… I appreciate your reply…


MadMoo or anyone… What does this in the description mean and how to fix it. Cover scaling ratio cover scaling ratio in the wrong format… Cover crop coordinates crop coordinates in the wrong format…

My title is… I will make a video wedding proposal, birthday party

photo is .jpg 1175 X 427…

Description is… 1075 letters.

instructions to buyer is… 444 letters

Photos are very clear…

Any help… greatly appreciated…


Madmoo… Update lmao… I found in support… that certain categories do not accept cover photos… So I thought this was the problem… NOT… lol back to square one… And yes my pics are .jpg and the correct size… It’s time to place a ticket I guess…


Reply to @spiritawahart: Is it possible that you are confusing the “cover” image with the Image that will accompany your gig description?


hhhmmm no. I got that part correct, but I did check my 3 description photos to make sure they were correct… all good there. The cover scale etc… as I mentioned above, at least as far as I know means cover image…

I just went and changed categories… tried several photos in cover photo area and in description photo area. When I try and upload my photo into the cover image, the popup window comes up and says to edit and move photo to align it. There is no photo in this window. Have you ever had that happen??? Thanks : )


MadMoo… the image size for the gigs are in where you are making the gig. For example the “cover photo box” where you are about to upload a photo will show a warning if the photo is too small. The size is 1100 by 250… close to that anyway. I know the 1100 pixels is correct and the megabyte size is 2. lol no problem there when it comes to Megabytes. Mine range between 150 kb to 500.


Sure Madmoo how?


ok how do you want it sent


Reply to @spiritawahart: Still, I think you are trying to upload your gig photo in the wrong place. The gig image need to be 682 pixels wide and 459 pixels high.

[EDIT] a cover photo is not needed to create a gig.


Reply to @madmoo: Yes, I know but I see that he has no gigs listed and I’m presuming that he may think the he has to include a cover in order to create a gig and we all know how fussy Fiverr is about that.