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I love it! =d

Since I’ve joined fiverr I had the opportunity to use my skills and my true passion:


It is so marvelous that some people can really appreciate what you do,

And when you reach feedback saying “you blew my mind” or “you climb into my head and took the idea that was inside me” and so on…Wow, it make us wanna to do our best ever and ever!

Thanks to everyone and cheers!


That’s great! As a fellow artist myself, I share your excitement at receiving positive reviews and feedback from clients. Doing great work for others is a thrill. Making them smile and happy is one of the wonderful rewards of what we do.

Keep up the great work! Happy clients make happy artists!

Reply to @jonbaas: You got it! you exactly know how it feels!

Artist’ are never proud of their work, art is like an empty envelop, sad and colorless untill someone transfer it feelings in parallel lines, from the artist’s mind, to the work, from the work to the people who will find hiself inside…OMG I’m talkative!

Wish you the best!

Thanks for reply

Reply to @renflowergrapx:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Haha! I am a web, music, gaming and android addict therefore, my gigs are based on these fields. However, I haven’t enjoyed the success you have so far! It’s wonderful doing great work for people, seeing a smile on their faces and you getting rewarded at the same time. Good luck for the future!

Reply to @bytezz: I wish you’ll get satisfaction from you works,and their feedback!Good luck!

Welcome Ren!

It’s good to have more artist in Fiverr! I’ve been in Fiverr for two months and the experience has been very rewarding. Draw for some money and get real life critique from clients is great!

Good sales for all of us in the great Fiverr!


I know exactly what you mean! :slight_smile: I’m a writer, not an artist, but it still feels so good to do what you love and get paid while doing it. After all, we’re not just in for the money, but for the experience, as well. It’s really nice to be of help to people using your own skills and talents! :wink:

Reply to @bytezz: Me too! I haven’t reached the level of success that others here have already reached, but I’m really happy with how things are going. Hahaha. :slight_smile: Getting paid for doing something that you’d do even without pay… now that’s rewarding. <3

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You bet!

Reply to @pictureduke: THANKS!

Reply to @kahzumi: Exaclty, we never stop to learn!

Wish you all the best!


Reply to @bytezz: =)