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I Love new fiverr Watermark upgrade!

I just noticed that fiverr added new upgrade in delivered files (Fiverr watermark) my theory is the buyer receives a watermarked file and if they accept the work fiverr gives the real file, this is perfect!!! Because many times the buyer ask for other versions of your work and sometimes they use all versions (free work for them), and with this upgrade you can be sure they can´t use it if they not liked

My opinion is that is a very good upgrade :))))

I hope my theory is correct

It’s really great :smiley:

cool but…
I have a question:

What if… A customer needs to review a design file that requires some small details that are visible only in full resolution, but s/he cant cause of not being able to fully view the product?

I mean, ok for the watermark, but for my gig this feature is a double blade weapon =/


This upgrade makes really sense. I am very happy that fiverr released this. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is in that case you can send the file in a .zip


Honestly not a fan of this!..this will only encourage bully-buyers to always reject a gig if they stylistically dislike it, claim that there was “another problem” with the file, and you still won’t get paid for a job that you have already done. Can we opt out of this feature as a seller?

Yes, you can turn this feature off.
Here is the ‘How to’ link from support >

??? How does watermark not help you with bully-buyers, when it was created to protect the sellers from them? Let’s say you create a logo and you give it to them without any watermark.

Scammy buyer says “This logo is bad, I want refund”

You say ok, he uses the logo anyway.

With the watermark, you will be protected from such situations because the scammy buyer can’t use a watermark logo.

It is indeed a great feature!

Hi, I am a buyer. And I am not happy with a new feature. I am not using versions I rejected, but I need to see a full size picture without watermark in the middle to be sure that it is what I want for my book. My illustrators won’t mind to send me a picture as an attachment, but all together it will create more work for them.

Its a good update. Would love to see it for video next!

Didn’t though about it, because not everyone felt comfortable with zips, but thank you! I did not ever think about this!!

Great update!

You are not a bully-buyer :). But to state that the watermark feature will NOT help you against bully buyers is wrong.

Finally! That a feature I so hoping for!

When I started out on Fiverr, I had someone that did exactly that! He asked for about 10 silly revisions. I was new (probably still am) but really didn’t want a negative review, so I kept changing it for him, until he said let’s just cancel the order, which I did and then he messaged me saying he’s going to use it anyway…

I immediately contacted CS and asked if that’s possible, since at that stage I thought buyers were only able to preview the files (Audio in my case) and then only once they’ve accepted delivery would the file become available to download.

CS said that my idea about only having the preview before you accept the delivery was a good idea and that they would look into that.

Nothing so far, but this would definitely be a great way of stopping people from using your work for free!

Just saying… nudge nudge CS!

This is what the Scammy & Bully buyers we have been experienced before, they got kicked out now :slight_smile: glad to see that finally fiverr had something for sellers too. lolz

Also you can send it by order update, or by message, not as deliver button

This is great news for many sellers. So now buyers cannot steal the work by saying, ˝Oh I don´t like it, bla…bla…bla…˝ but they run away with your work and get back their money. I can imagine how suck it does when you have spent time and energy to work but then people just steal it.

Oh, I did not realise I used that word that is automatically censored by the system. It starts with S and ends with K.

To me it is an excellent feature, not that I need it for my services, but I always felt sorry for those who were likely to be bullied, especially with large orders, where it may be more tempting. Well done Fiverr for protecting your buyers! :slight_smile: