I love snow days!



Any Teachers here? We have a snow day today on the east coast of the U.S. I love it. I get to relax and do Fiverr. How nice!

Anyone else enjoying a snow day?


In terms of latitude, I almost live in Alaska. This year, we had just one day of enough snow to grab a handful from a car roof. The kind of snow that makes the soggy, brutal snowballs.

No. Winter had its chance. And blew it.

However, enjoy your day off :slight_smile:


Wow! This is our only measurable snowfall this winter. 3 inches and some ice. But in the DC area, that shuts life down. Quite nice.


I love snow.
Whenever our university trip goes to the Murree hill station in December we enjoy snow there.


I love to hear about snowing… never seen snowing except in anime :frowning:


We’ve had a cold summer here in NZ which might mean we had some of your chillier weather. We’ve had flood days recently. The apocalypse is coming! Did you know we’re overdue for a shift in the magnetic pole? Maybe this is related.


If this is the case Capital Quality, what on Earth are you doing here? You should be out right now building an ark for your rats, puppies, and alpacas!


heavy snow in Naran Pak
enjoying :slight_smile:


You’re right. I have their earthquake kits ready to go but not their flood kits. Off I go, boat building.


If I were you, I’d head for the Pictarin Islands. It’s not too far to sale and only 40 odd people live there. In this case, when the pole shift happens, you won’t need to worry about society going all Lord of the Flies on you.


Was this a Fiverrian slip? :wink:


Every time i heard “snow” or “winter” word, this image come to my mind!! :heart_eyes:


You need a Game of Thrones detox. My professional recommendation would be to mix one daily episode of The Expanse with a Last Man on Earth marathon. After this switch to a weekly watch of Westworld and you should find that everything in life slowly stops being automatically associated with Daenerys Targaryen.


I should definitely Boomark this very important Information! I will try my best recover!!! :clap::grin:


What do you know! Im sitting in the office and German news on the TV next room informs me about your weather. 40cm and more!


Depends where you live. Some places are getting dumped on. Others less. Weather is strange around here.


Hi @silberma1976,

I’m also a teacher… It never snows where I live, but it’s OK. I love the sun so much :slight_smile:


I don´t hate the snow, but I don´t get too excited either. I don´t like the winter (it´s cold, it´s dark, and it´s complicated when I need to go out because I have to put on many layers of clothes). Back in my home country, we only have dry and wet seasons and it´s always warm. I have decided I don´t wanna be here next winter. I wanna explore another countries.

I have a friend who is a teacher, I admire her for being a teacher. She is such a lovely, patient person.


I’ve lived in a climate all my life where I have never experienced a snow day, instead I’ve been blundered with rains and flooding recently this year and cold enough mornings to send a shiver down your spine, but no snow. The closest I’ve come to a snow day was a few years ago when flooding was so severe my county leaders contemplated shutting down schools.


You’re from Indonesia but your profile locates you in Germany…
What about seasons? I mean the clearly pronounced ones, when you can smell spring? Enjoy the first day of leaving the house without a jacket? I really wouldn’t mind living in a warmer country but equatorial regions? Nah.