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I’m a new Freelancer

Hello Everyone
I’m Md Mintu Mia, from Bangladesh
I’m a new Freelancer. I want to work in digital marketing. How about working with it.


That’s great. However you are the digital marketer and you are one who knows how to work with it :thinking:


I have seen posts like this so often. Newbies who come on here who have signed up as SEO experts, social media promotion experts or digital marketing experts offering their expertise in such fields for a fee here, yet, have no idea how to promote their Gig to get orders. Makes you wonder if the YT and blog gurus tell get rich quick hopefuls to just sign up under those categories and “wing it” if they get an order.



There are a lot of digital marketing jobs you can do here but you have to be patient here hopefully you can do it.

Welcome to Fiverr :heart: :heart:

Create your gig by doing proper research
Send buyer request regularly
Focus on your work
Be honest
keep patient


Welcome to freelancing life.
You follow the 3 step for get the 1st order

  1. Create a attractive gig
  2. Send a professional buyer request proposal
  3. Share your gig in social media.

Thanks by.
Shemanto Banik

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@genuineguidance After reading your reply. I am thinking. should I be here ? I am a self taught front-end developer. I never worked for anyone. So, I have 0 years of experience. Should I find a job instead of fiverr ? I am new to fiverr. You has more experience then me in fiverr. I don’t know marketing. I have not any social media account. Any advice will be appreciated.

I would like to listen people who has more experience then me.

Thanks for your advice


Welcome and best of luck!

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum…

Welcome to our community.

First you have to do research on the marketplace. There is a free course on how to publish a gig. You can do that if you want.

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Welcome buddy.Focus on your skill. And try to research about your skill

Welcome to fiverr community

Wishing your success in fiverr

Welcome here :heart_eyes:

Hello, I am Kaleem Khan from Pakistan with over 15 years of experience in Banking, Accounts & Reconciliation, Dashboard & various accounting fields.

I want to know how i can find buyer for my services.

Thank you.

Digital marketing has huge demand on market place but you have to know it properly , all the best wishes .

Welcome to fiverr and fiverr community.
hope you will get success very soon!

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you are Mintu Mia, from Bangladesh
you are a new Freelancer. you want to work in digital marketing.

“First of all congregate and love heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  1. You should active all time online.
    2.create an attractive gig
    3.share your gig with different social media
    4.try to reply to buyer request any time all-time Fiverr forum

Pray for you so that you can prosper in future
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welcome to Fiverr,wish you all the best.

Hello welcome to Fiverr community