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I’m a new seller and am ever willing to learn from geniuses here!

Hi everyone! I’m Tynaao, I am currently new in the forum and have made the commitment to become a Virtual Assistant! I am very excited and motivated to make this choice a success. I can help with a wide variety of admin support tasks. I can also assist with customer support, typing, data entry, email correspondence, internet research, PDF conversion, copy paste services.

I am incredibly driven to succeed, reliable, trustworthy, detail oriented and discreet. If anyone has any tips, advice or thoughts on the matter, please let me know! I am excited to start on this journey and looking forward to meeting those along the way!


Hello Tynaao,

Welcome to Fiverr Community! Enthusiasm is one of the keys and perhaps the most important key to success.

I am not one of the ‘geniuses’ here, but I have only one advice for you, “persistence”. Fiverr has more sellers than buyers now and succeeding here now is far more difficult than ever before. I know you are incredibly driven to succeed, reliable, trustworthy and all that, but you will have to have lots of patience as well to succeed here now.

Also, if you can do some marketing for your gigs outside Fiverr, that might help bring the sales sooner.


Welcome and . . .

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News of my genius is spreading far and wide, I see…


Yes, Nostradamus also predicted about a British genius who will be living in Malta.

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Welcome, tynaao. I hope your drive and determination propels you forward to a place you want to be here at fiverr.


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Thank you for your thoughtful advice, support and heartfelt welcome. I appreciate you all. Am humbled and glad to be in Fiverr forum with learned and motivating team members. Keep up the good work please.