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I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I have a question!

Hello! I’m Nono! I draw anime and furrys and my first Gig is about Chibis.

My question is… How can I promote my Gig?
Promote in my social medias? That would be a problem for me… I don’t have many followers, it demotivates me, I think nobody likes my art

What should to my Gig don’t get lost around so many others?
I would also appreciate tips for social medias. I have a DeviantArt, Instagram and reccently I created a Twitter account.

Thank you for your attention!

If you don’t feel like promoting on social media, make sure your gig on Fiverr looks ad good as possible. Focus on presentation and description. There’s a metric ton of info about that in this forum. If you’re good at what you do you’ll get noticed by someone sooner or later and the ball will start rolling. I noticed you are referring to portfolio work outside of Fiverr. Don’t. It is against the sites terms of service and they will get you for that: ) Good luck!

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Also. Try to find a niche. There are thousands of artist offering the same gig as yours:)

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