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I\'m a new seller

Nobody wants to buy stuff from a new seller who has never sold anything before. How can I sell my first stuff on fiverr.


Try not making unproductive moans and pro-actively working to get that first order. We have ALL been in your shoes.

Thanks, i hope to be like you.

As long as you present yourself and your work professionally, a new person can get an order within days. I’ve read PLENTY of threads of a newby saying “I set up my gig, and I got my first order the following day/in an hour!” and when I checked their gigs, they all looked professional and was well presented.

In your case I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing. I’m sure the woman in the photo is not you, in fact I think she is a politician?
You also offer edit/proofreading gigs, but your first feedback from the seller left a comment saying “there were a few typos” I’m sorry but that’s a HUGE red flag for me. How can there be typos if you are a professional proofreader of 15 years of experience? Did you not do the spell check?
Be professional,be honest, and be good at what you do.

I didn’t investigate that, but you’re right. We have a U.S. congresswoman in our midst!

Sorry girl, but you’re lying in your profile pic and your name and you have a less than perfect review rating at this early stage of your career. Combined, no trust to go on forward here.

It seems a bit weird that you would also say you’ve never sold a thing when you have, too. Honestly, this shit makes it difficult for anyone to trust new buyers. REMEMBER THAT NEWys! Don’t get mad at people who are working the system successfully–get mad at your fellow newbies who really are gaming the system.

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Ok. So what constitutes “proactively working to get that first order”? It’s frustrating when people want to do the work, but just don’t know what they should be doing, and are told “stop complaining and do the work” without being given suggestions as to HOW to do that. That is what we really want to know. How do we “get found”, without having to wait years and years and just hope that we get lucky enough for someone to randomly pick us from the hundreds of other listings?

Jesus Christ woman, there’s a ton of threads full of advice. Do I need to spoonfeed you? Go use the search button.

Well first of all, just from this post, I can see that the initiative factor is very low for you. I too just 1 month ago was a brand new seller on Fiverr. But the initiative and resources were there for me. Google. Youtube. … Just typing “How can I sell my gig on fiverr” and pressing “Enter” would yield tons of answers. It’s a magical thing, the internet.

Seriously…? You can go to youtube and get help with just about EVERYTHING and you are asking this type of question? Whatever happened to people with ‘goal oriented mindsets’ and ‘initiative’?

You can go to youtube AND Google and study “business”, “marketing”, “customer service”, “working with clients”. Searches that are universal to ANY business and boom… answers are right there for anyone to read. Yet people are SO lazy these days that they expect SOMEONE to take them by the hand and lead them around to success. If THAT is the mindset that is in a person, then they don’t need to be trying to do business.

Especially for simple questions like these that are already answered all over this wonderful thing we were given back around 1995 called “The Internet”.

Well, quite. Here’s a thought for dim lightbulbs: if you can’t research this kind of thing, how can you be trusted with someone else’s professional project?

You should use your own photo. The U.S. Representative you are impersonating is passing new laws to stop identity theft and hosts an identity theft forum so she might not appreciate her photo being used.

If your work and your gig are good you will get orders but it may take a while to increase the orders gradually.

Since the forum doesn’t seem to be correctly displaying all the super-helpful sticky threads, here are three good ones that will get you started:

>. The U.S. Representative you are impersonating is passing new laws to stop identity theft

Wow, that part I did not know…how ironic…

The stickys do seem to have come unstuck… I was wondering about that earlier. Anyway, there you go CJ. You can put the nettle soup away now.

Teach me your ways, Meme Master.

Also, dat racist (probably)

The meme master in me only comes out when I’m tired and grumpy. As for the above gif, it’s an oldy but a goody and I chose it because it perfectly expresses the way I feel when somebody starts into the, “I’m a new seller and why won’t anybody give me a chance because it’s just too hard to succeed waaahhh”

I like it when it’s joined up with something about old sellers having it easy.


Mo’ money mo’ problems. Still, sensei… you have mastered the art of the meme. I am but a poor imitation with a collection of rage faces and oddly specific images.

Hi, Me too … I joined today and I think you tried see Available Projects page. In there you can see the available projects and if those projects suit for you make a offer …

Still I am waiting for my first project and wish you the success