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I’m Beginner and no one wants to buy my gigs

Hello everyone,

I’m new on Fiverr, well I spend every day a few hours on fiverr trying to to my best. I have a 6 online gigs and no one bought them, I only receive views and clicks and impressions. This is my profile: if you could give me some advice I would be thankful!

Thank you so much!

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Yes, wrong description thanks for your help

But my other gigs, why no one bought them

Hello everyone,

Vector art design made by me, you can come and see.

thank you :heart:

We all started from somewhere.

A slow start usually means something is not right.

From my POV you are entering an overcrowded category, with less than stellar work.

I am going to just pick an issue at random: your gig about click bait thumbnails, has a really poorly made thumbnail.

Maybe you need to keep working on your craft, while you wait on that first order to come in.

Keep in mind that the design category is over saturated and is currently a never ending race to the bottom. There will always be someone marginally better than you.

Or faster. Or cheaper.

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Thanks for this advice sir. You are right, this thumbnail made in 2014.
I will make new designs and make more creative gigs.
Thank you.

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