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I’m getting some clicks, but no orders, what am I missing?

Hello! I’m fairly new to Fiverr, only a couple months, and I’m brand new to using the forums! I have a couple gigs that are getting clicks but no orders, am I missing that final something that converts clicks to orders?
These are the gigs:

Any advice would be appreciated!


Welcome to the forum!

I have next to no talent myself in drawing and also have next to no knowledge of what is popular or what is in demand for the illustration subcategory.

Your focus seems to be on cute and simple style drawings. Just a quick browse through the illustration subcategory primarily showcases cartoon, anime, fantasy, children’s book, or realistic styles of drawings. The amount of detail varies from minimalist to incredibly in-depth. There also definitely seems to be a demand for cute colorful cartoony/chibi illustrations.

Your current samples are all of the cute and simple style. Perhaps by varying the styles and types of images presented, it can showcase more of the possible range you can deliver.


Congrats on graduating college, but I have to say I’m not impressed with your art. Or, not your samples, at least. They look very sloppy and thrown together. (Are you a traditional artist attempting to transition to digital?)

As a college student, you should already know how important reading, research, and revisions are.

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Thank you for the advice!

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Thank you for the critique and resources. I enjoy browsing the forums to learn ways to improve and enhance my gigs. I plan on updating the images on my colorist gig to see if that helps. What did you think about the descriptions? Are they too wordy?

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They’re… honestly, they’re so different in structure that they look copied.

The closer I look at your gigs, the more fake they look. The more fake you look.

If I may ask, what was your area of study in college? I can try to correlate some suggestions based on what classes you took.

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I don’t think they studied art or anything related to art, the work is definitely original, it didn’t land any hits when I checked. Then again, I’d assume people would take work that looks a lot better. I think it’s just a case of someone that needs refine their work a little more before taking on jobs.

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Well, to be honest, I think your illustrations are very basic and not impressive. It looks like some beginner level illustrations with simple Photoshop coloring. The anatomy looks off, the colors are nothing special, there is nothing unique or good about any of it.
There is a lot of competition in the field of illustration (both on Fiverr and outside Fiverr) and I would really advise you to browse around and see the overall level of professional quality on this platform. Keep practicing, try to distinguish yourself and really put time in developing your own art style.


By the way, just to clarify: there is nothing wrong with simple and minimalistic, but it has to be done PERFECTLY or it will look sloppy and ugly.
I’d say mastering minimalistic art or cartoon/manga style illustrations is maybe even harder than learning to draw realistically, because mastering a simple art style requires you to first understand and draw anatomy realistically before you can learn how to bend the rules.


Wow, you guys are BRUTAL! I was mainly asking what I may be missing from the description or packages because they are already clicking on the gig based on the images already up there but I was going to improve them so they look even better. My style is geared toward young children so I didn’t want the pages to be too complicated, and the colorist gig isn’t to really showcase my art, but rather the coloring examples. I’m not drawing them anything, but rather coloring in what they already drew.

@imagination7413 I’m not fake, just new, and I wasn’t aware that there was specific formatting when writing a description, I tried to include info a buyer may want.

@kometbeats I don’t have formal training in art if that is what you are asking, but I’m going to assume you all have formal training in your respective fields since it’s of interest?

@cc_animation see the first paragraph, also that is my style, similar to how imagination7413 stylizes her characters faces. It’s not my cup of tea, but everyone has different tastes. I’ve also seen gigs in my similar coloring book style that are doing well.

What I’m mainly getting from you guy’s, um, ‘feedback’, is that I should work on creating smoother images that showcase the best I can do and continue to work on and improve my style. Thank you for the advice, but you guy’s delivery could use some work. :sweat_smile:


I only brought it up because it’s mentioned in your bio that you recently graduated from college and with the work that’s displayed it didn’t seem like it was in art.

Sugar-coating never helped anyone.


Hi Vee

Getting criticism is difficult. I think that what you got here was ok. Not sugar-coated but that is understandable and also proof it is honest.

You may also want to understand the context. Here in the Forum we get ~10 people doing the tell me how to be an instillionaire with my garbage gig a day. That takes its toll on the subtleties as there is nothing subtle about it, or honorable.

I think the others are right. Mostly. So I am going to try to not be too blunt - even tho it is my nature. I am a Mix Engineer & Composer. I work on films, I work with my 9 yo who wants to draw and make films.

Commenting on the Colorist gig, this is probably confusing as who needs things colored in? Still, give it a go. The drawings are in a Naive style (yes a term). I am rather a fan of that when done with a great heart as it can cut straight through in ways that “high” art can miss. Your work has some charm. What it lacks here is a strong sense of purpose that eclipses the technical skill.

What did you study at college? If it wasn’t Art, you might not want to mention it as putting it there casts the assumption that you studied art. if you didn’t study art then it raises the Q: Why isn’t this person selling what they are really trained for? people are harsh when it comes to spending $5.

In your FAQ, you list a lot that you won’t do. Your call but some seems a little narrow, this limits you greatly. Many people buying here will be after elves, dragons, ocs, nasty little Hobbitses, and whatever else is in their hack n slash games. You don’t have to do that but if you can’t show a strong lead and close off other doors…



There is no specific format, but consistency will help you look professional. When you wrote papers for professors, they probably had instructions like “use APA format” and “use in-text citations” in their syllabus right? So, even if different teachers had different rules, internally a specific teacher wanted the same consistency.

Related, you outline papers right? Rough draft before you write? Show your steps in math? Art is like that too. Learning to use preliminary sketches and ‘frames’ will help you improve your art in massive leaps and bounds.

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Okay I see what you’re saying about format. It looks unprofessional when I have a different layout for each gig. I can work on that. And I should continue practicing the fundamentals to further strengthen my skills :+1: thank you

I appreciate you not being blunt for my sake, while still getting the point across. I’m someone who both welcomes advice/criticism but is also sensitive to it.

I do understand that the people who hang out on the forums see a lot of spamming/bots etc, but it can be disheartening for real people who come in looking for advice from fellow Fiverr sellers to be almost immediately met with harsh words

I didn’t realize the connection people may make between my education and the gigs I have, I thought people would just be looking for education in general, but that makes sense.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here?

As for my FAQ, I can’t draw those things for cultural reasons, and I’m aware it will limit the types of customers and amount of work I may see.

No worries:

Art has to tell a Story (have a narrative) or it is not really art. A (proper) Logo has a purpose to convey the essence of the business. Edvard Munch “The Scream” conveys Eddie’s, personal nightmare. Your boy with color shows no Story, leaving it only to be judged on technical merit as it carries no greater purpose.

Here are a couple of my own. I am not a good visual artist. I do what I must to get my things done to support my music best I can. If I could justify hiring a better artist (or if one wanted to work with me) I would as my limits, limit my music too.

This first was drawn in Inkscape fairly quickly (1-2 per day) to illustrate the story of the music tracks in a (loose) graphic novel style. They are limited indeed. I also decided to often be stylistic rather than literal to give me greater ability to get it done. On their own, the images are poor. Coupled with the purpose of the music, esp the later images as the story gets gory (it rhymes) I hope the images get better value as they convey the story. When done right (which I did not achieve here) the images can become powerful.

This is another similar from me. Only these were drawn by hand over a much longer period. And while there are thematic symbolic elements in the Isabel images these are more powerful and well thought through, even though the artwork is still very naïve. Again these are there to illustrate the music but the purpose (hopefully0 shines through so the viewer engages in the story not the technicalities of the drawing. I admit it is very hard to get modern audiences to do the latter but that will pass.


p.s. I understand about personal/cultural limits. I have mine. Some of my best clients and friends have beliefs very different from mine. We focus on what the central message is so the work is not a problem for either of us. They talk Jesus, I show hope. They talk evils of COVID vaccines, I show their call for thoughtfulness and freedom of expression…

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Ohh I see, my guy on the beach isn’t doing anything, he’s just, standing on a beach, which doesn’t tell the viewer anything, so their eyes naturally start going towards technical aspects like anatomy, lineart, etc.
If the pose and environment were more dynamic and set a scene, the viewer would focus more on the piece/story as a whole instead of the smaller details.
But that doesn’t mean I should cram a bunch of unnecessary details into the image because it will look crowded and then I have a different problem XD
Thank you, this was helpful :grin:

Hey… Like @enunciator I have next to no knowledge on technicalities of illustration hehehe

But if I were a buyer looking for original drawings for coloring book pages I would definitely consider your gig on that. :smiley:

As for the colorist gig, I think the previous people in the thread have shared a lot of useful insights on that. As for demand though (which relates to you concern on getting clicks on no orders) – maybe you can look at your competition and the over all demand for that gig?

I tried looking and your colorist gig actually appears on the first page from my end and that offering is not too saturated but I see even those with sales already don’t have that many published ratings (which to an extent reflect that there might not that be many orders). So maybe demand isn’t all too high? Just my thoughts on the possible reasons… :slight_smile:


@verity19 Exactly.

TBH I didn’t even realize it was a boy on a beach. A shell in the sand would have helped that.

A dog that just got run over by a passing train would have also added purpose as he, and therefore we, react to the pathos of that drama. Not all events have to be so dramatic as I indicate, but I wanted to get your attention.

Even just that shell immediately gives the image purpose on which the mind will hang. Happy days on the beach etc.

Naive Art gets its power from delivering powerful messages non-verbally through very simple forms. They can be simple pretty moments all the way through to the slide in “Isabel” where the dastardly Father kneels before his dead son, realizing that he may have brought this on himself.


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