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I\'m in trouble please help me

Hi All the Fiverr experts and also fiverr team please help me i have completed 10 orders but not yet get Level 1 seller achievement

I don’t see any obvious reasons you haven’t leveled, but there are things that a forum admin or moderator can’t see. Cancellation rates can affect you and we can’t see those. Buyers reporting you for spam or opening tickets because of a disagreement can do it. You’ll just need to contact Customer Support for help on this if it doesn’t happen by Monday. No one on the forum can help you further. Good luck!

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Hello, it’s not just getting 10 orders that gives you a level 1 star rating. It’s getting those 10 orders in less than 30 days and having a highly positive rating of about 4.5-5 stars if I am not mistaking (confirm from the Fiverr rating policy however). If all those orders came in just one month, and your rating is between 4.5 and 5, it’s best to contact the Fiverr customer support to know if the rules changed or something.

That post is from July last year, and the OP is a level 2 seller now.


Anyone else can have the same problem, this will help. I bet you agree.