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I’m learning to use Fiverr and not sure if I am doing this right

Hi, I’ve been on Fiverr for a bit now but I have gotten zero orders. I am not sure if this is normal or not? Someone point out if I am doing something wrong?



I just checked your gigs and i’m honestly astonished. I like your style!

It is totally normal to get no orders at the beginning of your freelance career. Most of us struggled at the beginning as well until things finally started to pick up. I would recommend checking the buyer’s request section as your gigs won’t pick up any time soon. So the BR section might be your best friend at the moment, you’ll also find good opportunities there for new sellers.

And since you’re here on forum, the forum is such a great place to learn how Fiverr works and read other sellers’ past experience so you could have a fair idea on how to act in different scenarios. Good luck!

I’m a new seller like you. I joined in September and I just got my first order yesterday. How did the potential buyer find me? I’m not so sure. But like @youssefkamel said, you need to offer for a lot of buyers request and the only thing I’ll add is that you should try promoting your gigs through social media networks a lot. Finally I don’t know if you have used up your 7 placements for gig creation, if not, try creating more gigs

Hi , I hope you will be selling a lot soon. Maybe these tips can help you: