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I m level 2 seller and in the tab bar it says: start selling like I m beginner!


I have account problem.

I m level 2 seller with 100% positive review.

My problems is that my gigs don’t appear in gig search bar even if they are active.

Can someone help me.

I contact customer support before more that 20 days-still not replay.


First, there is no guarantee that your gigs will show up in searches; this is true for all of us. Second, did you click the verification link in the automated email you should’ve gotten right after submitting a ticket to Customer Service? Have you checked the SPAM folder of your email account to be sure any responses from Fiverr weren’t automatically sent there. If so, have you tried contacting CS again? (be sure to use the ticket number assigned to your report). If you’ve done these things, I’ve heard others who had difficulty contacting CS suggest posting to the Fiverr FB page, the Fiverr Twitter and sending email directly to . In each case, be sure to refer to the ticket number of your complaint. 20 days IS a long time.

Reply to @celticmoon: Hi.

First, thanks for your replay.

Yes, I know that there is no guarantee that my gig will show up in the search bar, but my gig did not show even like last one in the gig list when you will search it with key words. So, there is no way to find it even if you search it with all the key words. Like it does not exist at all.

Yes. I’ve got verification link. I tried to contact them again-no replay. I only didn’t try facebook and directly email…


Hi @redlipstick1 You’re very welcome, and good luck getting your answers.

I know it’s disheartening but yes, there are times when your gig just doesn’t show up in the search results at all. Potential buyers can still find you by browsing through your categories, and periodically your gigs WILL show up in the searches and under one or another of the search parameters (i.e. highest rated, recommended, etc) or tags. I don’t know why Fiverr just doesn’t list all results, all the way to the end, but they don’t.

i don’t know the solution