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I`m level 2 Seller But I have No Orders

I`m level 2 Seller But I have No Orders These days :((

Same problem last 2 months (dec.15 to 30 jan)

Perhaps there is just too much competition in the logo design categories. When there are more sellers than there are logo buyers, many sellers aren’t going to get the level or orders that they want. Perhaps you need to branch out, try something new, or add other services to your collection of gig services.

If you’re not getting sales, study your market, and find ways to improve that match your market, and appeal to your customers.

also same problem :’(

Check whether your gigs are in the search results. I was also not getting orders but when i checked my gig, i noticed its not in the search. I contacted The support team and they placed my gig back in the search results…

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